Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Aging In Place

What’s Your “Hot Button?”

  • Do you “LIVE ALONE?”
  • Do you have “HEALTH CONDITIONS” that could require immediate medical attention?
  • Is it important to you to continue to “LIVE INDEPENDENTLY?”
  • Are you a “FALL RISK?”
  • Do you, or your family, worry about your “SAFETY?”

If you are like most people, you want to remain in your own home for as long as possible.  This is especially true if you become widowed, have health concerns, or are prone to fall. The fear of not being able to get help in an emergent situation is real.

Living Alone Can Be Scary.  If you cannot get to a phone to call for help, or are inside your home with all the doors and windows closed, you may not be able to get the help you need in an emergency.

Having a Health Condition, such as heart disease, epilepsy, diabetes, etc. can mean that you need immediate medical attention IF/WHEN an emergency happens.  The ability to do so can be the difference in life and death!

It Is Human Nature to Want to Be Independent.  However, if you live alone or have health issues, you may fear that you cannot continue to do so.

Falling or the “Fear of Falling” is Real!  We have all heard stories of someone falling and laying there for hours or days.  Unfortunately, when this event happens, many are not able to stay home, because their health is compromised, or their families say “that won’t happen again….”  Many times the person finds themselves in a hospital/rehab setting for quite some time following the event and are placed in Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing Facilities following this situation.  Although a medic alert device will not prevent a fall, or other emergent health event, it will allow the subscriber to get help if/when it happens to them.  This prevents them from becoming the statistic we have just described above.

Our Home Safety is Paramount.  Not only is it the human desire to remain independent, but to do so SAFELY is just as important.  

As we age, we become less agile.  Additionally, our health may deteriorate and we pray for the best, but fear the worst.  

If any of these “problems” are a concern to you, or your family, a medical alarm system might be the “peace of mind” that you are looking to find. Although a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) CANNOT PREVENT AN EMERGENCY,  IT CAN GET HELP — Even IF you cannot speak!


  2. Have Health Condition(s)?  KEEP CALM AND PUSH BUTTON!
  3. Is Living Independently Important to you?  KEEP CALM AND PUSH BUTTON!
  4. Falling or “Fear of Falling?”  KEEP CALM AND PUSH BUTTON!
  5. Concerned for Your Home Safety?  KEEP CALM AND PUSH BUTTON!

Around the Clock Medical Alarms will allow you to get HELP — at the push of a button. Our EMD Certified Response Center is available Any Day, Any Time, for Any Reason. Have peace of mind that you can be Safe AND Independent — Around the Clock.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
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Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO:

Around the Clock Medical Alarms Receives BBB TORCH Award

Cape Girardeau, Mo., January 11, 2021–
Around the Clock Medical Alarms is a 2020 Better Business Bureau (BBB) TORCH Award winner for BBB Serving Eastern & Southwest Missouri & Southern Illinois.

Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO:

TORCH Awards honor businesses that exemplify high ethics in their treatment of customers, employees, and suppliers. Three businesses are receiving TORCH Awards in 2020.

“BBB TORCH Awards recognize companies that are committed to exceptional standards and high ethics,” said Whitney Quick, BBB Cape Girardeau Regional Director. “These organizations have truly joined BBB’s mission of advancing marketplace trust in an exemplary way, and they are role models for other businesses in the community.”

Around the Clock Medical Alarms is a nationwide company providing push-button medical alarms to older adults and people with medical conditions. In its eight years in business, it has served thousands of consumers all across the U.S.
The business’ mission, owner Linda Bass says, is “to empower our customers to be able to safely maintain their independence for as long as possible.” She adds: “Our customers become extended family that we are blessed to have.”

If you (or someone you love) are appropriate for a medic alert system, call Around the Clock Medical Alarms at (877) 449-5566 or visit them online:

About BBB
BBB is a nonprofit, business-supported organization that sets and upholds high standards for fair and honest business behavior. BBB services to consumers are free. BBB provides objective advice,BBB Business Profileson more than 5.3 million companies, 11,000 charity reviews, dispute resolution services,alerts and educational information on topics affecting marketplace trust. Visit for more information.

Media Contacts
Cape Girardeau:Whitney Quick, (573) 318-1137,


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
Call Us: 877.449.5566

Personal emergency response system in South County MO: Senior Falls

Why A Medical Alert System Is Worth Taking Seriously

Did you know that 1 of every 3 seniors, aged 65 or older, will have a fall this year? Do you know that 80% of all falls occur within or immediately around a person’s home? Have you (or someone you know) fallen and laid there for hours or days, because you were unable to get help?

These questions give great concern to Linda Bass, as long-time southeast Missouri resident and owner of Around the Clock Medical Alarms.

In 1972, Linda’s mother died and she was “adopted” by her retired grandparents. This situation is more prevalent in today’s society, but was unheard of at that time. As the primary caregiver for her grandparents, Linda lived the same challenges that families face today in helping to care for their aging loved ones. She has worked her entire adult life in the medical field by working in various capacities in hospital settings and medical offices, was owner of Comfort Keepers in Cape Girardeau, MO from 2000-2005, and was a marketing representative for two local hospice agencies. It is obvious that she has a special affinity for the elderly.

“I know that I worried when my grandparents did not answer the telephone, because my mind always went to the unthinkable….”, states Bass. In 2012, her father-in-law suffered from COPD and heart issues. Again, she found herself facing those same kind of fears, because he was alone during the day. “What if…worried me!”

After exploring the local options available, she found that none could meet her dads needs. Due to the size of the pendant, she knew he would not wear it. additionally, she found that some providers have limited service areas. “That,” says Bass, “is when I decided to explore other options and eventually started Around the Clock Medical Alarms. I needed to feel security that Dad was okay to be alone while I was at work. A medical alarm could help me to feel better about that situation.”

According to Ruth Dockins, former public information director at Aging Matters, (previously Southeast Missouri Area Agency on Aging), “If you live alone or are concerned about elderly loved ones who still live at home, a medical alert system is worth taking seriously. The thing I would look for is one where you didn’t have to sign a contract”, she says. “One where you can pay on a monthly basis and there is no contract and no hookup fees. One where I could just bring into the house and turn it on. I would want one that was answered by a live person.”

Around the Clock Medical Alarms is just what Linda and Ruth ordered. Since they are a nationwide provider, they can help anyone, anywhere in the U.S. and have rate plans to meet any budget. NO contract means that it can be used on a short-term basis — even post operatively! “No one has a time ticker or a crystal ball,” muses Bass. “So, how can an elderly or ill person be asked to commit to a 3 year contract? This is just unreasonable!”

Bass concludes, “My goal is to help provide my clients (and their families) the peace of mind knowing that help is available at the push of a button 24/7, 365 — regardless of whether they can speak or not — Around the Clock.”


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
Call Us: 877.449.5566


Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. Do you have an emergency plan?

Emergencies never make appointments. Emergencies do not age discriminate.
Do you know someone who has a medical condition that would warrant the ability to get help quickly in an emergency? Do they struggle with the challenges of everyday living? Are they needing or currently utilizing a home care agency? If so, they are potentially appropriate for a #medicalert.

Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: National Preparedness Month

Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: National Preparedness Month

An system is with them “around the clock” — so our subscribers are NEVER ALONE!

You do not have to be elderly or falling to be “alarm appropriate!” Many of our clients have chronic health issues, such as Heart Disease, Strokes, Respiratory Disease, Cancer, and/or Diabetes. These conditions would warrant medical attention in a timely fashion. Additionally, they may be living alone, recently widowed, or their children are concerned about their safety and well-being.

Following are four testimonies from our clients who have an emergency plan in place; who are not the typical “elder person who falls.”

~ Judy S., MO
“I just can’t begin to say how pleased I am with the service we have received. My sister has subscribed to your service for almost 2 years now.

It was a difficult decision to make for her, because she is only 49, but having brain cancer, she realized what a comfort it is to her caregivers to know that she is “never alone.”
The local staff is MORE than pleasant, and truly care about all of us, not just the patient, but her loved ones, as well.

Thanks, Around the Clock, for making our lives a little easier during such a difficult time!”

~ Amy B., MO
“When I was going through some health issues, I used Around the Clock Medical Alarms so I would feel safer at home. At the time, I lived alone and was really afraid of what would happen should I have a seizure. Having the button made my situation safer, and I knew I could get help if I needed it with the quick press of a button. I highly recommend their services!”

~ Elizabeth B., MO
“I have Parkinson’s and am not elderly. I waited until falling two times in 10 days to call Around the Clock Medical Alarms. Linda and Les were helpful on the phone and came to my house the day of my call. I feel better prepared that help will be close by when I fall next. Thanks!”

~ Ron W., FL
“I’m 52. I have been diagnosed with MS & Multiple Myeloma and my mobility has become very strained. We have become very worried about being outside the home and even inside my own home. With Around the Clock’s Medical Solutions, my wife and I are now secure in the fact that if needed, they are never more than pushing a button; away from help. Which I needed last week. Linda & Les are extremely kind and professional, adding the ever missing “human element “to everything and everyone they talk to. I highly recommend them for all your medical alarms needs. They are simply in two words; THE BEST!!!”

Statistically, a medical alert type system can enable people to stay in their homes longer, because they don’t become the statistic of someone who has an event and cannot get help for hours … or days.

If you, or someone you know, suffers from a medical condition (that would warrant a fast response during an emergency situation) let us help you to keep them independent AND safe!


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing  Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.               
Call Us:  877.449.5566


Medical Alert in St. Louis MO: Senior Falls

3 Keys to Fall Prevention

By: Les Tainter

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are one of the leading causes of fatal injury and hospitalization for senior adults. One in four Americans aged 65+ fall each year. Every 11 seconds an older adult is treated in the Emergency Room for a fall; every 19 minutes an older adult will die from a fall. With falls to senior adults so dangerous and so common, how do we prevent them from happening?


The first key to fall prevention is improving balance. Consult your physician or physical therapist to explore exercises that are appropriate for improving balance. Many of these exercises use common household items such as chairs or stairs to strengthen the core muscles and other muscle groups involved in maintaining balance. If you want to stay upright, you must maintain and improve your balance.




Weakness, especially in the lower extremities is directly responsible for most falls. The legs simply “giving out” on the senior adult from a lack of strength puts many seniors on the floor. Your physician or physical therapist can provide some simple exercises that are appropriate for you to accomplish in the home. Strength training does not require a trip to the gym, but it does require persistent and regular exercise to help eliminate falls. The CDC states: “50 hours of exercise, (2 times weekly for one hour for 25 weeks is needed before fall incident rates are lowered significantly”.



One of the simplest and perhaps effective of the 3 keys to reducing falls is to increase range of motion. Stretching is one of the most commonly overlooked daily activities for many senior adults. The shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, back, hips, and legs all benefit from regular stretching. One of the most effective methods of stretching is following a shower or bath when the body’s muscles are warm and easier to stretch. This allows further stretching with less pain and discomfort. By eliminating a limited range of motion falls can be prevented.


Those senior adults who choose to use these 3 keys to fall prevention can greatly lessen their chance of becoming one of those fall statistics. Again, it is important to consult with your physician and/or physical therapist to be sure the exercise you choose is safe and effective for your specific goals for preventing falls. Each of these 3 keys can be accomplished in the safety and security of a home without purchasing any expensive equipment. These keys can be effective for those senior adults who wish not to fall, (or fall again), and see their overall health decline from the injury and the subsequent therapy and treatment from dangerous falls. Confidence and Longevity can be the “treasures” unlocked by these 3 simple keys.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing medical alarms in St. Louis, MO please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.               Call Us:  877.449.5566



Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Senior Depression

Adult Depression: Is It Affecting Someone You Know?

To say the least, Covid-19 has turned our world upside down!

Regardless of our age, sex, race, religion, or political affiliation, we are all feeling the effects of this pandemic.

Isolation Quarantine Coronavirus Covid 19

Gone are the carefree days of being able to go do what we want without the fear of sickness to ourselves, our neighbors, and/or our elder loved ones.

Gone are the evening escapes to restaurants, movie theaters, and night clubs or bars with our friends.

Gone are the ability to have family vacations, “Sunday dinners” and church services.

Gone are the birthday parties, wedding celebrations, and funeral gatherings.

Gone are the bbq’s, musicals and music festivals, parades, county fairs, and amusement parks, zoo, or museum trips.

Gone are baseball, basketball, football, and other sporting events.

Gone are the ability to visit our aging loved ones — regardless of if they live independently or in assisted or skilled communities.

Gone is work/life balance.

Nascar no longer allows fans to attend to cheer from the stands….

Being an “essential worker” is a new term and concept.

Small and large businesses have had to begin remote workforces, the healthcare system has limited their services, and our economy has, unfortunately, been hard hit.

Many businesses have furloughed employees, reduced hours, modified service capacity, or permanently closed.

Schools and colleges are looking to revamp and/or cancel classes in the fall.

Division and civil unrest plague our nation as protesters take to the streets, national monuments are defaced or dismantled, and police departments are defunded.

Where and when does the chaos end?

Life (as we knew it) ended when the virus attacked our world. An unseen enemy, that is difficult to combat, has affected our very way of life, our health, and our hopes and dreams for the future. We have washed our hands, used hand sanitizer, sneezed into our elbows, social distanced, and now masked up in the effort to flatten the curve, while trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy.

The pain of the pandemic reality is almost unbearable. In the words of Sarah J. Maas, “If you can learn to endure pain, you can survive anything. Some people learn to embrace it — to love it. Some endure it through drowning it in sorrow, or by making themselves forget. Others turn it into anger.” Each of us is trying to deal with the distress in our own way….

Depression is “a sign of the times” and becoming more prevalent — especially for the senior populous, nevertheless.

According to, “Depression can happen to any of us as we age, but there are ways to boost how you feel and make your senior years healthy and happy.”

We found the following link and feel it contains good information if you, or someone you know, is an older adult and are dealing with depression:

Be brave. Be courageous. Be strong.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing medical alarms in St. Louis, MO please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.               Call Us:  877.449.556



VIP Day on Monday, July 13, 2020

Medical Alert in St. Louis MO:

Medical Alert in St. Louis MO:



The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we market our business, but we still have relationships with other senior service providers and continue to foster “business as usual….”  

The Miracle-Ear office located at 1465 N. Kingshighway in Cape Girardeau, MO is having their annual VIP Day on Monday, July 13, 2020.

Around the Clock Medical Alarms donated the pictured items to be given away at the event, as we have done for the past several years.  We are honored to be a part of your celebration and wish you only the best at your event.

Good luck Joyce Cooley, Kyle Griffin, Barbara Kirn, and the VIP patients of Cape Girardeau Miracle Ear! Be safe!!!

If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing medical alarms in St. Louis, MO please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.               Call Us:  877.449.556



Fall Detection in St. Louis MO: Senior Safety

What Safety Habits Is Your Senior Building?

Most of the time people think about habits in terms of being “good” or “bad,” but there are also “safer” habits that are important to nurture. Some of these may be habits your elderly family member has been resisting in one way or another.

Making Sure She Has Clear Paths

Clearing pathways is huge for safety, but it may be something your elderly family member has been resisting for a while. Clutter may be a big part of the problem, but it’s not the only possible culprit. Help your elderly family member to rearrange furniture if necessary to ensure that she’s got the space she needs to maneuver safely.

Wearing Shoes All Day

When your elderly family member’s footing is stable, she’s less likely to stumble or worse, to fall. One of the ways that she can get the best possible footing is for her to wear shoes during the day that have non-slip soles that are sturdy. This might be something new for her, but if she feels more stable, she may be more willing to be more active, too.

Checking Her Lighting

What your senior can see, she can avoid more easily. That means that the lighting in her home is incredibly important. Do what you can to replace older styles of bulbs with brighter LED lighting. If she needs additional lighting, look at how you can help her to add that to her existing setup. Adding motion sensors is another way to help her to use lighting all the time and not forget to turn lights on.

Keeping Her Assistive Devices in Good Working Order

If your elderly family member is willing to use assistive devices, like canes or walkers, she needs to maintain them. Tips wear out and need replacement. Both canes and walkers are adjustable according to height or to how they’re being used, so that may need adjusting. Some assistive devices just plain wear out, like orthotic shoes. Double-check what you need to do to ensure those devices remain usable.

Resting When She Needs It

Rest matters, too. When your elderly family member is getting the rest that she needs, she’s going to be able to keep up more easily with everything that life throws her way. For some people that means resting overnight, but if your elderly family member needs to conserve her energy, that’s a bigger concern. Elderly care providers can help her to get done what needs to get done without burning too much of her own energy in the process.

Keeping your senior safe means using the habits that she already has in place to their best advantage.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Fall Detection in St. Louis, MO please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.

Call Us:  877.449.5566