Just what the Doctor Ordered!…

A number of months ago, I became acquainted with the people who provide Around the Clock Medical Alarms. As a physician who cares for the elderly, the importance of a senior being able to get help in an emergency is obvious. There are many providers who offer this service. I have been impressed with the caring attitude and diligence that Around the Clock Medical Alarms demonstrates with their clients. I was impressed enough to arrange for them to provide this service to my own mother. I believe they provide a great product and more importantly, excellent follow up service. ~ Mark C. Kasten, M.D., Missouri

You Don’t Have To Be Elderly…

My disabled brother has utilized a couple of different alert companies over the years and all have done an adequate job of providing alerts. The big differences between the other companies and Around the Clock Medical Alarms are price and the level of customer service. The monthly fee for service is very reasonable and has not changed in the 6 years we’ve been associated with the company. Plus, Around the Clock Medical takes customer service to the next level. The folks who run the local office are kind, caring people who develop relationships with individual customers. They know their customers and are never too busy to answer questions or personally check on clients who fail to do monthly system tests. They treat each customer as though they were a member of their own family. I would enthusiastically recommend Around the Clock Medical to family and friends. ~ Pat H., sister, Missouri

I own a pharmacy and we have had several patients who have used the Cape Girardeau Around the Clock Medical Alarms services. Some were short term and some were long term and everyone has been extremely happy with their business. I would highly recommend them. ~ Dave C., RPh, Missouri

When I was going through some health issues, I used Around The Clock Medical Alarms so I would feel safer at home. At the time, I lived alone and was really afraid of what would happen should I have a seizure. Having the button made my situation safer, and I knew I could get help if I needed it with the quick press of a button. I highly recommend their services! ~ Amy B., Missouri

I have been diagnosed with MS & Multiple Myeloma and my mobility has become very strained. We have become very worried about being outside the home and even inside my own home. With Around The Clock’s Medical Solutions, my wife and I are now secure in the fact that if needed, they are never more than pushing a button; away from help. Which I needed last week. Linda & Les are extremely kind and professional, adding the ever missing “human element “ to everything and everyone they talk too. I highly recommend them for all your medical alarms needs. They are simply in two words; THE BEST!!) ~ Ron W., Florida

I have Parkinson’s and am not elderly. I waited until falling two times in 10 days to call Around the Clock Medical Alarms.  Linda and Les were helpful on the phone and came to my house the day of my call.  I feel better prepared that help will be close by when I fall next.  Thanks! ~ Elizabeth B., Missouri

They Came Even Though I Was Not Able to Respond…

I would like to tell you some things about having a medical alarm system. I had heard about them for years but never thought about getting one. My son and nephew changed my mind, they said, “You are getting one!” My nephew contacted Around the Clock Medical Alarms.

When I called them, they explained all that it could do for me, so I decided to take it. Just to let you know, I consider them wonderful friends now.

A few weeks ago, I went out the back door onto the patio, started back in, and the door was locked. Here I was out without a coat and it was a cool morning. I know all other doors and windows were locked. I pushed the button on my Medical Alert, but couldn’t hear them answer. I thought it doesn’t work…. I ran to my neighbor across the street, she came to the door and wanted to know what I was doing out there. I said, “I’m locked out of the house”. I went in to call my nephew, who has keys, and had just sat down when I saw a truck with 2 men pull up in front of my house. Out I ran home. The men wanted to know if I lived there. I said “yes, and I’m locked out!” They were from the Rescue Squad and had gotten a call from my Medical Alarm that something was wrong at my home, since I didn’t answer them back. In just a minute here came the ambulance, but it wasn’t needed. Thank goodness. They got my storm door unlocked and I was able to get back in my house. I wouldn’t do without my Around the Clock Medical Alarm. ~ Lou K., Missouri

The Response Was Excellent…

I used my button in the middle of the night, because I had a UTI. ~ Ivy H., Missouri

My left knee and main bone gave way, cracked, and I went to the floor….  I pushed my button and got the help I needed.  I’m satisfied that I wouldn’t be alive today, if it weren’t for your service. ~ Donita B., Missouri

Your response time is excellent, as also your professional courtesy.  I thought you would send one person out, but I think you send the whole army out.  HA,HA, GOOD JOB! ~ Mary A., Missouri

We so appreciated the high degree of security that having Around The Clock service for our mother. We needed to use the service several times to obtain help and each time the service was quick to respond, calm under pressure, and accessed the needed help rapidly. Also the personal service with monthly check-ins and having local service was such an added benefit. We would highly recommend this service! Affordable. Great customer service. A variety of options to optimize access to help when needed. A solid way to help maintain independence as a loved one requires more help. ~ Leigh H., daughter, Missouri

My mom fell in February.  Ambulance came ASAP after she pushed her alarm.  We are VERY pleased with Around the Clock. It’s been a live saver. ~ Galena E., Missouri

This morning, I was in the basement and my phone rang.  So I let it go to voicemail.  When I came up, I got the message and called them back to let them know I was okay.  Then later my daughter checked her phone at work and called to check on me.  By then I had already called them. I did have my alarm button on.  I didn’t push it.  I must have hit it with something that I was carrying.  It’s good to know it works.  I was also very pleased with the personal meeting with Les Tainter and his staff, who explained when to use the medical alarm and how to use it. ~ Frieda S., MO

I had a UTI and was in bad shape…. I would have laid there a long time without my button!  ~ Betty B., Missouri

I have had two bad falls since July 2020.  The last time I fell on my left shoulder and could only press my button.  ~ Anita M., Missouri

My mom fell in February 2019.  Ambulance came ASAP after she pushed alarm.  We are VERY pleased with Around the Clock — It’s been a Life Saver! ~Galena E., daughter, Missouri

This company possibly saved my mom’s life or at least kept her from permanent disability. Last night she (85 yrs old) got up in the night to go to the rest room. Her left side gave way and she went down flat on her face on the carpet. Being too weak to get herself up to reach the phone, she pushed her medical alarm button which she wears around her neck. They immediately contacted emergency personnel and family members. A quick trip to ER indicated she had been struck by a cluster of mini strokes in the back of her brain, which affects coordination. The movement in her left side, speech, vision and cognitive function are all returning to normal because of the fast response. Our family is so grateful for Around the Clock Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau, MO. I would give them 10 stars if I could! ~ Jane G., daughter, Missouri

Loved One is Never Alone…

Thank you for everything you did for mom.  I will sure sing your praises to anyone who needs a medic alert device! ~ Desma R., daughter, Missouri

This company was a great help during the time I had my mother in my home. I worked full-time and I didn’t have to worry as much knowing there was help if she needed it. The owners were so helpful if there were any questions or issues. I highly recommend their services.~ Nina S., daughter, Missouri

I forgot that mothers meds dispenser was set to go off at 4:00 p.m. and I took her shopping.  I was happy to know that at 5:00 p.m. I received a call reporting that “Marie had not yet taken her meds, was she alright?”  Thank you!! ~ Sharon S., daughter, Missouri

We got this service for my Dad. Having it gave us, the family, the peace of mind to be able to let him live at home for as long as possible. Easy to set up and the very best of service with Linda and Les. I would recommend Around the Clock over and over again! ~ Carol W., daughter, Missouri

My Mom is 94 years young and has been able to live by herself until April 24, 2020. That evening when I talked with her she said she wasn’t feeling well and was going to bed early. She didn’t want me to come to house because she said she would be ok. So I reminded her of her Around The Clock bracelet. If she needed me later in the night, not to get up but to punch the button and they would call me. At 4 AM the next morning I received the call that I was needed. When I arrived my Mom was was trembling uncontrollably and was asking for help. So I pushed her bracelet to have Around The Clock call an ambulance. In all the years Mom had this device she only push the button once. Around The Clock monitoring is a life saver and worth every penny. Each month they do a check to see if everything is working ok and the people who work there are totally awesome. ~ Nancy B., daughter, Missouri

I highly recommend Around The Clock Medical Alarms for anyone who is looking for a medical service that enables a loved one to remain in their home with assistance just a touch away. After our mother unexpectedly collapsed alone in her kitchen, we were faced with uncertainty about her ability to remain independent in her home. There are several medical assistance companies, but after speaking with Les & Linda locally from ATCMA, the choice was clear. The service is easy & reliable, and staff are wonderfully friendly & attentive. We are grateful for this exemplary service that provides peace of mind. ~ Lisa H., daughter, Missouri

The professionals at Around The Clock Medical Alarms are professional and truly care about their clients, their well-being, and helping to make sure they’re able to stay at home longer. ~ Hailey S., granddaughter, Missouri

They did an awesome job keeping my mom protected. She felt very safe having her button around her neck and never took it off knowing she could get help at anytime if she needed it. This company care for their clients with very personal touches that my mom loved and looked forward to. Other companies don’t have that. They really care about their clients and it shows on how my mom was treated Very good and caring company to deal with. ~ Pam D., daughter, Missouri

This product allowed me to have piece of mind with my mother as her health issues were in decline. An I couldn’t always be there. Was very happy with this product. ~ Mike B., son, Oklahoma

I don’t know how we would have managed with Around the Clock!  You all were a blessing.  Thank you again. Love and Prayers ~ Margie S., daughter, Missouri

Peace Of Mind For My Whole Family…

The words “Thank You” will never be enough for the reassurance and peace of mind I had knowing my wife had help only fingertips away.  The service was fast and they are the most friendly professionals you will find.  I highly recommend them! ~ Ed W., Missouri

Excellent service!  Would recommend to anyone. Thank you for providing peace of mind to me and my family.  5 stars!!! ~ Janie E., Missouri

I’m so proud of this — I show it to EVERYBODY! ~ JoAnn R., Missouri

We have used this service for my elderly mother for the last few years. Whenever I have called their office they always responded with good information and courtesy. Mom did have to use the help button one time. The call center operator made contact with mom in seconds and then called me immediately. We were able to get mom help within minutes. While we were waiting for the ambulance their call center again called us to verify that help was on the way and everything was under control. I would highly recommend this service. ~ Elizabeth M., daughter, Missouri

It was a great relief knowing that we had emergency help 24/7. ~ Gerry L., daughter, Missouri

Thanks for helping my Mom.  This has been a very difficult year for my Mom with my Dad passing away and me living so far away.  I’m thankful you are there to help her out. ~ Doug S., son, Missouri

It’s a comfort to know we can get help any time just by pushing our button! ~ James & Nellie D., Missouri 

Mom tells me everything is fine.  She does test it, when she remembers it, but I think that is when you all call her!  Remember, she is 97-years-old!  She is my mentor! ~ Jerry M., son, Missouri 

I feel safer.  This service gives me peace of mind for myself and only child who lives in Atlanta, GA. ~ Marcia M., Missouri 

I am a diabetic.  I passed out from low blood sugar and fell.  I pushed my button.  It’s good to know I can get help even if my family isn’t available. ~ Dorothy C., Missouri 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support during this sad but joyous time — We miss Ann, but she is praising God in heaven! We appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. ~ M. Leming & family, Missouri

This is a great program. Just knowing that our loved ones have a contact for the moments we aren’t with them is an unbelievable peace of mind. ~ Dwana L., daughter, Missouri

Around the Clock Medical Alarms offers the personal relationship and service that allows peace of mind in knowing my family has help available 24/7. ~ Susan B., daughter, Missouri

Supported mom for many years and allowed us the security and satisfaction she was safe when we couldn’t be with her. ~ Tony B., son, Missouri

The care you gave our mother was outstanding and we’ll never forget you for it. ~ The Irma P. family, Missouri

My mother used around the clock about 5 years. It was such a relief to know that if there was an emergency, help would be there with just a click of the button on the pendant she wore. Fortunately, she only had to use it one time – when she fell one night in her kitchen and was unable to get up. It was great how quickly the Around The Clock people responded and sent help. I recommend this company to anyone needing help with an older person, or just for the peace of mind that help is only a click away. ~ Marlene S., daughter, Missouri

As a family, we packed up and traveled two hours north to spend time with grandma for Christmas of 2012. Spending the day with Grandma was wonderful… Our children (her great grandchildren) love the special “grandma toys” that are always there. When she fell, it wasn’t a two year old knocking her off balance, nor was it one of the special grandma toys — She fell on a 6 inch step from her living room to her kitchen. A step she takes every day of her life.

Thankfully, she caught herself on the counter hurting her head and forearm. More forearm then head; no broken bones; big bruise on her forearm. It scared all of us.

She brushed it off and said she was fine, as she always does.

We (my wife and I) discussed it and our concerns on the way home. She lives alone and doesn’t move around as well as she used to. Without giving her a choice, we purchased the Around the Clock medical alarm package and have the peace of mind to know that when we aren’t there and IF she falls again on that step like she did… she has help available, anytime day or night, if she can’t get up….

When I gave her the package, prior to pulling it out, my wife and I told her how much we loved her and that we wouldn’t take no for an answer. We also expressed that the safety system was equally for our peace of mind, as much as hers, to know she is a button push away from help. It is the same cost as one meal at a restaurant per month. Thirty bucks. Now when we visit, we hear of the routine checkups to make sure the system works. She loves those checkups. Worth every penny. From Grandchildren who Love their Grandmother, ~ Levi and Jessica O., grandchildren, Illinois

The Best Alarm Product I’ve Reviewed…

I strongly endorse Around the Clock Medical Alarms. I am a gerontology specialist and have looked at alarms like this and this company offers the best product by all I have reviewed. I bought one of these for my mother who is 82 and lives alone. She feels much safer and so do I knowing she has a way to call for help if she fell or became sick suddenly. This alarm can be used for all kinds of medical conditions like persons with head injuries as well as other conditions that may predispose them to falling. The best thing is this is a nationwide company but the owner is from the Cape Girardeau area. In addition, the product is made in the USA. For those of you in the sandwich generation of caring for your children and parents, you need to consider this to offer you a peace of mind if anything!  It has helped me tremendously with knowing my mother has method to get emergency help with just the touch of a button. If keeping your loved one safe at the cost of just under a dollar a day, then this product is for you.

Desma R., PhD (c); APRN, GCNS-BC, Missouri

The Staff Are So Helpful…

Just setting up the system for and with my mother.  Linda (President) was extremely helpful in deciding to use this system and Les (Area Manager) has the patience of a saint with all my questions after setup!  Thank you~ Lynn W., Arkansas

It’s a pleasure to work with you and your staff — everything is done reliably, friendly, and easy to arrange.  THANK YOU! ~ Lilli K., Missouri

You have been so easy to talk to and the setup was easy.  Les was so nice and explained everything good.  I really like the button around my neck.  I have told people about you!  Thank you and God Bless All of you.  My daughter got to know Linda by phone.  She is very pleased!  ~ JoAnn R., Missouri

These folks genuinely care about their clients and will go above and beyond to deliver excellent service to you and your loved ones!   Such commitment to clients is rare.  Give them a call!John E., Missouri

I have no complaints.  Thank you for the birthday card. ~ Jetta B., Missouri 

Great monthly calls! ~ Hazel S., Missouri

Thank you for your patience with billing.  I was 3 months in the hospital with coronavirus. ~ Doris W., Missouri 

This company just does it right!  So important to safety and they make it easy! I give them my highest recommendations! ~  Sharon G., CMC, Missouri

“GREAT JOB” — Love you guys so much! God Bless You All.  ~ Junior K., Missouri

I have met and talked to the nicest people, since I’m with your company.  I don’t think there is any improvement necessary. ~ Wilma M., Missouri

The group at Around the Clock Medical Alarms provides top notch customer service.  For my family’s medical alarm needs, I turn to Around the Clock Medical Alarms. ~ Douglas S., Missouri

You have a great staff!  My mother enjoys the monthly check-in over the phone with them.  Thanks again! ~Mark L., Ohio

I am well satisfied — you are very nice to work with.  ~ Coline H., Missouri

I appreciate this service.  Everyone is so nice when they call to check every month. ~ Norma B., Missouri

They were always willing to help and answer any questions when Dad had any. ~ Julie C., daughter, Missouri

Thanks for reminding me to test my “call” unit.  Thanks for services rendered and “being there.” Thank God you are there for me! ~ Lou D., Missouri

Extremely courteous personnel — even when I fouled up and hit the button accidentally.  Thanks! ~ Peggy B., Missouri

I have not needed to call for help. I received your calls to check equipment. Operators are very nice. ~ Jeanne T., Missouri

Very caring and decent folks who take great care of their customers. ~ Michelle E., Missouri

If it can be done, Around the Clock Medical Alarms can do it! ~ Kristie T., MSW, Missouri

They Care About All Of Us, Not Just The Subscriber…

Thank you so much for your help, your kindness, and your care.  You were “life savers” for us and we appreciate you.  May God Bless you and your business.  Mother is just “hanging in there.”  Broke my heart to leave her at the nursing home.  I know God has a reason for keeping her here.  It’s hard though…. ~ Mary C., daughter, Missouri

Thank you for the lovely card you sent me — such a kind, thoughtful remembrance of my Dad.  Wishes for all good things to you and your business ~ Carol G., daughter Missouri

I couldn’t be more pleased with the service my family has received from Around the Clock Medical Alarms. They are as concerned for my parents safety as I am. The peace of mind they provide is priceless. ~ Cindy W., daughter, Missouri

We have used this service for my elderly mother for the last few years. Whenever I have called their office they always responded with good information and courtesy. Mom did have to use the help button one time. The call center operator made contact with mom in seconds and then called me immediately. We were able to get mom help within minutes. While we were waiting for the ambulance their call center again called us to verify that help was on the way and everything was under control. I would highly recommend this service. ~ Elizabeth M., daughter, Missouri

Thank you for all your help during our mother’s time here in Cape.  You have been such a caring person — caring about her.  Tom, Anne, and I appreciate all you have done.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  Linda, you are needed in this area — Good Luck.  Take care and God Bless! ~ Kay S., daughter, Missouri

I just can’t begin to say how pleased I am with the service we have received. My sister has subscribed to your service for almost 2 years now.  It was a difficult decision to make for her because she is only 49.  But having brain cancer, she realized what a comfort it is to her caregivers to know that she is “never alone”.  The local staff is MORE than pleasant, and truly care about all of us, not just the patient, but her loved ones, as well.  Thanks, Around the Clock, for making our lives a little easier during such a difficult time!  ~ Judy G., Missouri

Thank you all for the peace of mind given to me.  Even though we only used your service for a short time, please know that we truly appreciate your warm and caring staff.  I would sincerely recommend your service to friends and family.  May God Bless you all. ~ Louise H., daughter, Missouri

I used their services for my father and it was a life saving device!! Very professional people and so helpful and knowledgeable, they really put my mind at ease!! I really liked the monthly testing!! I still recommend them to all my friends and family!!!! ~ Christie M., daughter, Missouri

Helps Me Sleep Better…

Your service gives family members peace of mind that our loved ones are being helped with their needs. Emergencies can come up at any time and this service helps me sleep better knowing my parents have help at any time. ~ Donna P., daughter, Missouri

Excellent!  I do not have to worry anymore about being by myself.  Your response time is great.  Thank you. ~ Maryanne A., Missouri

I have had no reason to use it – but feel I can depend on it if I do. ~ Helen L., Missouri

You’re doing great!  Thank you! ~ Lou D., Missouri

My wife, Julia, has dimentia.  She would be unable to help in case of an emergency. ~ Jerome S., Missouri

This PERS has been a real comfort! ~ David R., Missouri

Since I got your service, I feel confident that if I have an accident, I’d have a better chance of getting help. ~ Jane S., Missouri

Thank you for always being there for me.  You never let me down.  God Bless You All for your help. ~ Ruby A., California

Even though I have not had an emergency to use your service, it is great to know I can reach you in case there is one. ~ Catherine A., Missouri

I have been well pleased with your services this past year.  Used it once.  So glad it was there for me. ~ Bettie W., Missouri

Great!  I sleep better! ~ Cathy H., daughter, Missouri

Peace of Mind…

I feel very safe using my medical alert. I haven’t had to use it yet. But I know I know I can count on it in an emergency if and when I need it.  ~ Frieda S., Missouri

Thank you for checking on me each month.  I am thankful I haven’t needed any help.  Glad to know you are there if I do! ~ Norma T., Missouri

Thank you!  Looking forward to your continued success.  When I need you it’s wonderful to have you available. Much love ~ Mickey Q., Missouri

You have been so great!  Thank you for the Birthday Bear and the 102 M&M’s for mom’s birthday.  Your gracious attention to my mother has been most appreciated.  You have been and are the answer to my prayers. ~ Mary B., daughter, Missouri

Thank you.  May all the wonders of the Holiday Season be yours throughout the coming year.  Blessings to you. ~ Thelma P., Missouri

Had thought about one for several years.  Knew if I waited until I needed it, it could be too late.  Developed a severe static condition, couldn’t stand up straight when walking.  Knew time had come to get one. ~ Florence A., Missouri

We got our medic alert because we are both disabled and feel better having the system. ~ Leemon & Elaine P., Missouri

In appreciation for your concern and care, we thank you. ~ Diane L., daughter, Missouri

Thank all of you for the careful care and concern you had for me. ~ Marybelle M., Missouri 

Your service is awesome!  The peace of mind I get knowing my parents can get help at anytime when needed is priceless.  For a loved one this service is a must.  You will be glad you called them.  ~ Donna P., daughter, Missouri

You are doing a very good job.  I am very pleased. ~ Margy S., Missouri

We got our medic alert system, because of health issues and for safety.  It also allows us to remain living on our own. ~ Oliver & Marion G., Missouri

Thank you for being there and May God Bless You ALL. Louise D., Arkansas

You are doing fine.  Just keep up the good work!  ~ Cletus W., Missouri

At our age, we thought we needed the service. ~ Homer & Mona H., Missouri

I had a light stroke, I pushed my button and immediately the voice said, “Coline, do you need help?  I said my body is numb, send ambulance.” ~ Coline H., Missouri

Thanks for calling me, reminding me to test my medical alarm!  Thanks for being there. You are appreciated. ~ Louise D., Missouri

I am doing GREAT!! ~ Sharon G., Missouri

Thanks and God Bless You All! — May His arms wrap around you.  In Christian Love. ~ Mary K., Missouri

I am very satisfied with your service.  I have been blessed with not needing your service. ~ Bernice “Bunny” S., Missouri

I’m well pleased with your service.  I have told others about your service. ~ Betti L., Missouri

Customer Service…

I have found everything in this company to be very pleasing.  I love it!  Everyone is so nice and kind and willing to help you.  Thank you.  Everyone is not that way today. ~ Betty M., Missouri

BIG CONGRATS on your recent Better Business Bureau TORCH Award!  You are the Best! ~ Tammy S., daughter, Missouri

Thank you for the beautiful birthday card!  Mag and I celebrated the advent of my ‘piano year’ in NYC by going around the corner for a delicious dinner in the garden of her favorite cafe.  For a couple of old gals with call buttons hanging around our necks, we still do pretty well having a good time.  And thanks, again, for the reminder call.  Next month’s check-in is on my calendar!  Best Wishes, ~ Mil V., California

Thank you so much for all our help with my mom.  We appreciate your kindness and warmth. ~ Pat B., daughter, Missouri

NO Complaints What So Ever!  ~ Carol R., Missouri

Thanks for all your help. ~ R.V. H., Missouri

Congrats on your BBB Torch Award!  The community is better off with you and your organization in it. Thank you for setting a positive example for other business owners in the community and the willingness to set the bar with self regulations and taking care of your clients. Cheers to much success for years to come! ~ Ed W., husband, Missouri

Thank you for the good service! ~ Sister Rita S., Missouri

I am very satisfied with your equipment and service.  I recommend it to other customers.  Thank you!Nancy H., Missouri

Your service is excellent and I will certainly recommend your company to others. Thank you for everything. ~ Hildegarde B., Missouri

Excellent Service! ~ Ruth I., Illinois

We have just started this, but from all of the things that have been done for us, it’s been a good help for my wife and I. ~ William M., South Carolina

I am very satisfied with my service. ~ Dixie P., Missouri

Thank you for the past few years of service.  You always make me feel like family when you call to remind me to push the button for testing.  I’ll try to think to do that before you have to remind me, although I enjoy your friendliness and don’t make me feel guilty!  With best wishes to all in the company! ~ Mary B., Tennessee

Doing GREAT!  Leg injury in December 2016 — Your response was prompt; ambulance service was quick; thank you.  Louise D., Missouri 

I love my necklace that I wear.  I’m so glad that I have it.  ~ Shirley S., Missouri 

Staff are patient and very pleasant. ~ A. Farnell P., Missouri

Excellent Service!  Thank you. ~ Maggie T., New York

I have had good results from my alarm system, and I am so glad that you call me for my monthly check, for time slips up on me.  Thanks for always being so nice to me.  ~ Loraine G., Missouri

I am satisfied with the service. ~ Helen L., Missouri

All is good! ~ Annis H., Missouri

Easy Cancellation…

When it came time to move my mother into an assisted living facility, I no longer needed the alarm service and these guys went out of their way to help me close out the account, with no hassle or penalty.  In the event I need the alarm service again, they will be my first choice! ~ Frank C., Texas

My Father died November 18 this year and we are returning his medical alarm equipment to you. Thank you for the help and ease of mind your service provided while he was alive. ~ Sarah O., daughter, Missouri

Please find, per my phone conversation with your office today, the return of the medical alarm system for my mother.  We were very pleased with your service and the product. ~ Leah M., Washington

Around the Clock Medical Alarms — Peace of Mind at the Push of a Button.

Personal emergency response systems allow you to live the independent lifestyle you want.  Around the Clock Medical Alarms’ medical alert systems provide you (and your loved ones) peace of mind at the push of a button.  Our response center staff is available 24 hours a day to respond to emergent, or non-emergent, calls.

Around the Clock Medical Alarms’ medical alert systems help thousands of people regain the sense of independence they once enjoyed, by providing the most comprehensive personal emergency response systems available.  Around the Clock Medical Alarms’ emergency medical alarm service possess all the features of other popular systems on the market.  However, our unique two-way speaker picks up sounds that others don’t, meaning that no matter where a subscriber is when the panic button is pressed, our operators will be able to communicate with them and send help quickly.

Senior alarms grant independence to those at risk for injuries and accidents, allowing many to continue living at home, when they otherwise wouldn’t be able.  Family and friends are also given the freedom to leave their loved one alone, with the reassurance that they will be contacted immediately, if an incident occurs.  Medical alerts offer a great sense of relief, providing a way for trained medical professionals to be notified of an incident – simply at the push of a button.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us at 1-877-449-5566 or 573-334-SAFE (7233) or email info@aroundtheclockmedicalalarms.com