Medication Dispenser


With our medication dispenser, clients can manage and organize their medication intake.

For those 80 or older, according to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly two-thirds (65.7%) of all hospitalizations were caused by medication non-compliance, drug interactions, or overdoses – with the biggest culprits being blood – thinning – agents and diabetic medications.

  • Easily program Medication Dispenser to dispense doses up to four times a day (minimum 7 days /maximum 28 days) before needing a refill
  • Notification of missed doses, when used in conjunction with the Around the Clock Medical Alarms Advanced OR Cellular System devices
  • Key locked device confirms compliance


Medication intake is easily managed with an Around the Clock Medical Alarms Medication Dispenser with or without the monitoring capability of the Emergency Response System.

Medication Dispenser Without Monitoring Capability (Stand Alone):

  • Load Medication into the slots.
  • Program the Medication Dispenser by setting dispensing times to remind you to take your medication.
  • When it is time, the dispenser beeps until you have taken your medication.
  • A lock in the lid will prevent overdosing and tampering with medication.
  • A clock on the top of the unit is convenient and easy to read.

Medication Dispenser With Monitoring Capability (Medication Dispenser + Advanced OR Cellular Medical Alarm:

  • In addition to the Stand Alone functionality, the Monitored System works in conjunction with the medical alarm.
  • This partnership enables the Response Center to go to the extra efforts to remind the subscriber to take their medication.
  • A special transmitter is installed in the Medication Dispenser that will activate the Medical Alarm System if medication has not been taken within 30 minutes of the alarm sounding.
  • At that time, the Medical Alarm System will actually call the Response Center. An attendant will try to contact the subscriber over the PERS unit or telephone.
  • If the attendant is unable to make contact, a responder will be notified.



  • Non-Monitored Medication Dispenser – $185.00 + tax per unit
  • Monitored Medication Dispenser – $225.00 + tax per unit
    PLUS $20.00 per month Medication Dispenser Monitoring Fee

*Additional trays with lid are available to preload medications for future dispensing for $35.00 + tax

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