What You Should Know Before Buying a Medical Alarm

Medical alarms aren’t just for the elderly who fall. If a loved one in your family has been recently diagnosed with a medical illness, injured, or undergone surgery, an alert system is a smart investment in their safety, security and recovery. Knowing they can get help when needed provides the assurance they need to continue living independently. Find out what to consider when shopping for a medical alarm below.

How They Work

medical alarmThe system user wears a personal help button (PHB) as a necklace or bracelet. If they need assistance, they push the alarm’s panic button.  All Around the Clock Medical Alarms subscribers are immediately connected to a monitoring member of a team of certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD) who are able to dispatch your family, friends, fire, ambulance and/or police to respond to any emergency situation. The system allows for fast action and ensures people get assistance –  even if they’re physically incapacitated or unable to speak. 

What to Look For

Look for devices that are durable and warrantied.  There are many providers of this type of service, but not all are created equal.

You want 24/7 access to live emergency response teams. Opt for providers, like Around the Clock Medical Alarms, who staff their call centers with EMD-certified professionals. They have the same training as 911 operators and can promptly recognize life-threatening situations and provide lifesaving information until help arrives. 

Additionally, look for customer service, which includes monthly device testing as well as a personalized file for each client with details like the user’s birthday, medications, allergies, and medical health conditions. This is extremely important, because if you are unable to speak, they can relay your information, on your behalf, to those who respond to your emergency.

Finally, elect to utilize companies who do not require long-term contracts.  None of us have a crystal ball or time ticker above our heads.  Thus, we are not certain how long we would need this kind of service….  Around the Clock Medical Alarms is here to help you for as little (or much) as you need – even for a short term, while you are getting your strength back, following an elective surgery, illness, and/or hospital stay.

  • Around The Clock Medical Alarmsa nationwide PERS provider, has been providing concerned families with top-quality medical alerts for eight years. Their innovative alarms, which can be worn around the neck or on the wrist, are waterproof and have a range of up to three football fields. Their EMD-certified team is available 24/7 to provide personalized support and dispatch emergency crews to provide lifesaving care when life-threatening emergencies arise. Find out more about their products online. If you have questions, call (573) 334-7233.