They’re Never Alone with a PERS System from Around the Clock Medical Alarms!

Do you notice a decline in their general health?

Aging brings many challenges, such as health issues, dependency upon family caregivers, falls, loss of one’s independence and/or death of a spouse or significant other. Imagine the darkness of the loss of someone you have been with for five decades, or more! I cannot even fathom….  There is so much truth to the old adage that “aging is not for sissies!”  

The fastest growing age group in the U.S. is 85-years or older. According to a 2015 U.S. Census Bureau report, longer life expectancy rates mean an increase in the global population of older generations and an increase in the need for their care. Caregivers typically begin to notice signs of decline. When that decline happens, what happens next?  Remember, the effects of the aging process affects not only the aging individual, but also their caregiver(s).


Loved ones may no longer be as self-sufficient as they once were. They may now exhibit the need for additional assistance to do the functions of daily living such as laundry, meal preparation, house cleaning, driving to doctor appointments or to do errands.

Essentially, as they have a reduction in their abilities, we find ourselves having to increase our support. Many caregivers are having to use time off work for “elder care” instead of “vacations.”  Not only are caregivers sacrificing time, but they are also using their own financial resources to help pay for the care needed by their elder wards.  

Our once vibrant, active individuals, are now “slowing down.” We notice changes from one visit to the next.  Perhaps they are now shuffling their feet, “furniture surfing,” or using an assistive device to steady themselves as they walk.  Maybe they had a fall…or two…. Maybe they are afraid they will fall again!  

Needless to say, you are concerned about their safety.  You want to help them to maintain their independence and potentially are starting to explore the option of home care, home modifications, medical equipment supply, etc.  It can all be more than a little overwhelming!

In addition, your loved one may benefit from an emergency alert system, also known as a “Lifeline” or “Life Alert.”  Around the Clock Medical Alarms  is also a provider of medical alert necklaces and has been assisting subscribers and their families since 2012.  They are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.  

If you are struggling to help them to maintain their independence, Around the Clock Medical Alarms can assist you with an affordable, NO contract, PERS.  Get peace of mind knowing that they are never alone – even when you’re not with them.  

2020 Vision:  Safe AND Independent

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