The Return of the Purple Martins

Springtime….  The flowers bloom, the trees bud, and the winds swell with anticipation.  Excitement builds as the outside temperatures are allowing folks to be able to go outside – without a heavy coat!  Doors and windows are opened wide to release the “cabin-fever” and the gentle rains wash away the remnants the previous winter.

For farmers and country people, it signifies “breaking the land” in preparation of planting their gardens and crops.  It is a time of renewal.  As of St. Patrick’s Day, many have already planted their potatoes.

To me, however, the absolute sign to indicate the arrival of spring is the first song heard from the purple martin – returning from their winter’s hiatus.

“Dad’s birds” (aka: purple martins) always arrive around the same time of year, the same time when a family lost the head of their household.  Following a 21-month cancer battle, Dad lost his fight.  However, within two weeks of his death, came the return of his birds….IMG_0935.JPG

For all caregivers, the utmost concern is that your loved one, who is ill or aged, has the ability to have the best quality of life possible — regardless.  During those endless days of caring for their needs, a caregiver is subject to a tremendous amount of stress.  Even a trip to the bank, grocery store, or pharmacy to pick up medication is a mad dash to get back in record time.  The fear is that “something will happen and I have to get back home!”  Thus, rational thinking becomes irrational….

With that being said, it is with absolute assurance that there is a way to reduce caregiver stress — an Around the Clock Medical Alarms System.  Their EMD Certified Response Center is there 24/7, 365 to get help:  Any day, any time, any reason.  Give them a call at 573-334-SAFE (7233) or visit online at

Although many changes have occurred since the spring of tremendous loss, one constant is the return of “Dad’s birds.”  They return to welcome yet another season of life anew.  Life has challenges, but we can endure the journey — just like the birds that fly thousands of miles twice yearly to return to their “winter” & “summer” homes.

Rejoice in the past, enjoy the present, and anticipate the future.