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What Is a PERS?

If your elderly family member is interested in remaining as independent as she can for as long as possible, a PERS device could be exactly what she needs. That might sound backward to her at first because the PERS is something that she wears. But, this small electronic device really can make a big difference in your elderly family member’s overall safety and well-being.

Personal Emergency Response System in Ladue MO: PERS Alert

Personal Emergency Response System in Ladue MO: PERS Alert

They’re a “Personal Emergency Response System”

A PERS is a small device that your elderly family member wears. These devices are used as a communication device in order to get help when/if she needs it. Just having one can help your elderly family member to feel more secure. Additionally, if she has one, you may feel more comfortable with her decision to age in place. 

They’re Portable

One of the best things about a PERS is that it’s extremely portable. Your senior can put it on and not have to think about it again because it’s not bulky or difficult to wear. She can usually wear the PERS as a pendant, on her clothing, or around her wrist. There may be other options, too, that leave the device readily available, but that is also extremely wearable and easy to access.

They’re Easy to Use

Another benefit for your senior is the fact that personal safety monitors are deliberately simple to operate. There’s usually only one button and easy-to-read indicators. There’s typically also a large speaker and a sensitive microphone. During an emergency situation, a complicated device is not going to be what your elderly family member needs. Simple is going to get her the help she needs quickly. In addition, there are fall detection buttons, which automatically detect and activate if she falls.

Technology also now offers equipment that does not require a home phone line and “go anywhere” devices, which are about the size of a flip phone, and can assist them wherever they may go. So, in today’s world, there are no limitations — or excuses — for her to deny the ability to be protected with a PERS device.

They’re Able to Notify You IF/When Your Senior Needs Help

Another feature that many PERS devices have is the ability to notify you anytime the device is activated, other than an inadvertent or accidental push.  The Response Center has all contact information and will call “Must Notifies” on a subscribers list, if/when an emergency occurs.  These do not have to be “lights and sirens” situations, (such as ambulance, fire, or police), but may also include the need for lift assists or a family member/friend to come check on them, because they “don’t feel well.”

With a PERS “medical alert device”, she is never alone and can get the help she needs when she needs it! 

Talk to your elderly family member about what features she’s most interested in with a personal emergency response system.  There are a variety of PERS devices that can meet her needs easily and without cramping her style at all.

Around the Clock Medical Alarms has NO Contract.  NO Hidden Fees.  NO Long-Term Commitment.  NO Worries. However, the biggest benefit is that she is never alone and can get help simply by pushing her button.  The Around the Clock Medical Alarms EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) certified Response Center is available 24/7, 365 to assist with helping to keep her safe and independent!

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