Personal Emergency Response System in Perryville MO: PERS and 911 Differences

What’s the Difference Between a PERS and Calling 911?

PERS units are everywhere these days, but why would you want one if it just calls 911, right? Well, it turns out that a personal emergency response system can do a lot more for you than just contacting help when you need it.

A PERS Can Call for Help without You Dialing a Phone

When you need help from 911, you have to dial the number and wait for the call to connect. Then you need to explain what’s happening. If you’re not in a position to do any of those things, that can be a huge barrier to necessary assistance. A personal emergency response system can automatically call for help if certain parameters are met. If your device detects a fall, for example, the dispatcher will try to contact you. Should you be injured enough to not be able to answer, help automatically is sent to you.


911 Operators Don’t Know You and Your Needs

If you do call 911, you’re in a position where you have to explain what you need and sometimes why you need that type of assistance. Sometimes calls get disconnected, and that means you have to call back and explain everything all over again to a new 911 dispatcher. That takes time you may not have. Your PERS is monitored by a set of dispatchers who have access to your information, so they know what types of health issues you have and they can help you much faster.


You Can Subscribe to Reminders

It can be tough to remember to take multiple medications, especially if they need to be taken at different times of the day. There may be other reminders you need, too, like checking your blood sugar levels. When you subscribe to reminders, you get a call every time you need one. Your family members might also opt to use reminders as a wellness check, which can be a lot less intimidating than having a police officer or ambulance come to your home when you’re not expecting them.


There’s an Added Level of Peace of Mind

For you and for your family members, there’s an added layer of peace of mind that a personal emergency response system can offer. Depending on the features you need and want, these types of devices can help you to feel more confident about being active again, too.

There are times that 911 is the best choice, of course, but for daily life and needs, a personal emergency response system can do so much more for you and for your family members.


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