Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. Do you have an emergency plan?

Emergencies never make appointments. Emergencies do not age discriminate.
Do you know someone who has a medical condition that would warrant the ability to get help quickly in an emergency? Do they struggle with the challenges of everyday living? Are they needing or currently utilizing a home care agency? If so, they are potentially appropriate for a #medicalert.

Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: National Preparedness Month

Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: National Preparedness Month

An system is with them “around the clock” — so our subscribers are NEVER ALONE!

You do not have to be elderly or falling to be “alarm appropriate!” Many of our clients have chronic health issues, such as Heart Disease, Strokes, Respiratory Disease, Cancer, and/or Diabetes. These conditions would warrant medical attention in a timely fashion. Additionally, they may be living alone, recently widowed, or their children are concerned about their safety and well-being.

Following are four testimonies from our clients who have an emergency plan in place; who are not the typical “elder person who falls.”

~ Judy S., MO
“I just can’t begin to say how pleased I am with the service we have received. My sister has subscribed to your service for almost 2 years now.

It was a difficult decision to make for her, because she is only 49, but having brain cancer, she realized what a comfort it is to her caregivers to know that she is “never alone.”
The local staff is MORE than pleasant, and truly care about all of us, not just the patient, but her loved ones, as well.

Thanks, Around the Clock, for making our lives a little easier during such a difficult time!”

~ Amy B., MO
“When I was going through some health issues, I used Around the Clock Medical Alarms so I would feel safer at home. At the time, I lived alone and was really afraid of what would happen should I have a seizure. Having the button made my situation safer, and I knew I could get help if I needed it with the quick press of a button. I highly recommend their services!”

~ Elizabeth B., MO
“I have Parkinson’s and am not elderly. I waited until falling two times in 10 days to call Around the Clock Medical Alarms. Linda and Les were helpful on the phone and came to my house the day of my call. I feel better prepared that help will be close by when I fall next. Thanks!”

~ Ron W., FL
“I’m 52. I have been diagnosed with MS & Multiple Myeloma and my mobility has become very strained. We have become very worried about being outside the home and even inside my own home. With Around the Clock’s Medical Solutions, my wife and I are now secure in the fact that if needed, they are never more than pushing a button; away from help. Which I needed last week. Linda & Les are extremely kind and professional, adding the ever missing “human element “to everything and everyone they talk to. I highly recommend them for all your medical alarms needs. They are simply in two words; THE BEST!!!”

Statistically, a medical alert type system can enable people to stay in their homes longer, because they don’t become the statistic of someone who has an event and cannot get help for hours … or days.

If you, or someone you know, suffers from a medical condition (that would warrant a fast response during an emergency situation) let us help you to keep them independent AND safe!


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing  Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.               
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