Medication Dispenser

Medication Dispenser: Four Tips for Being Proactive with Your Senior’s Medications

Medication Dispenser: Medications serve a valuable purpose, but they can also create complications for your elderly family member in terms of side effects, interactions, and more.

As her family caregiver, it’s crucial that you have a plan that allows your senior to take her medication as prescribed and that she’s as safe as possible when taking her medications. A medication dispenser may be something to consider.


Medication Dispenser

Medication Dispenser

Schedule Regular Medication Reviews with Her Doctor

Medication reviews can help your senior and her doctor to reduce her fall risk and ensure that she’s taking the right medications in the right dosages for her. Medication reviews are especially helpful if they’re done on a regular basis, even if your senior’s medications haven’t changed. Your senior’s internal chemistry can change, necessitating a change in either medication or dosage.

Talk to Her Pharmacist about How Foods Affect Her Medications

Another excellent resource when it comes to your senior and her medications is her pharmacist. It’s especially important to talk to your senior’s pharmacist about how food can interact with medications. For instance, some blood pressure medications can’t be taken with grapefruit or grapefruit juice or it will cause problems for your senior. It’s important to know those interactions.

Try to Fill All Prescriptions at the Same Pharmacy

That said, it’s a lot easier to keep up with possible medication interactions if your elderly family member gets all of her prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy. Pharmacies keep track of all the different medications that their customers take, along with any information about adverse reactions and other important information. This gives the pharmacist a bird’s eye view of all the medications that your senior takes and how they might impact her. That can be crucial when it comes to keeping your senior safe.

Use a Medication Dispenser

When you have a medication dispenser for your senior, it’s easy to load up and easy to use. Even better, your aging family member and you are able to see easily whether she’s already taken her medications or still needs to do so. The right medication dispenser can also make taking medications so much easier for your elderly family member because she doesn’t have to think about which medicines she needs to take.
Staying on top of your senior’s medications is an important and sometimes complicated task. It’s worth every bit of effort, though, and it’s vital to take advantage of tools that make that task easier for you both.


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Medication Dispenser

Medication Dispenser: Four Reasons Your Senior Can Benefit from a Medication Dispenser

As a family caregiver, there’s a lot that you worry about for your senior.

One of the biggest concerns might be whether she’s taking her medications when she should, or at all. Some seniors become defensive when talking about their medications, especially if they’ve had issues before with taking them correctly. A medication dispenser can solve a great many of those concerns for both of you.


They’re an Inexpensive Solution to Help Your Senior Take Her Medication

Medication dispensers offer an inexpensive solution compared to other possible answers to managing medications on a regular basis. Your aging family member needs a dispenser for her medications if she’s having a difficult time remembering to take them or if she takes a great many medications. The dispenser can help her to only have to deal with one container at a time instead of multiple bottles.

The Right Medication Dispenser Is Easy to Use

The medication dispenser that’s right for your elderly family member is one that is easy for her to use, even when she’s not feeling well. Programmable dispensers can take a lot of guesswork out of taking her medication for your senior. They’re even easier for your elderly family member if you take overfilling her dispenser for her on a regular basis.

Medication Dispensers Help Your Senior to Be Independent

It’s difficult for many seniors to cope with the loss of independence that they can sometimes feel is a part of accepting help. A medication dispenser is a tool that your elderly family member doesn’t have to ask for help. Like any other assistive device, she can simply use it as she needs to.

They’re a Way for You to Care for Your Senior Even When You Can’t Be There

Using medication dispensers is a way for you to be able to care for your senior even when you’re not able to be there. Fancier versions that offer reminder services are still easy to use, but they offer an additional level of reassurance that your senior is taking her medications properly. If you receive an alert that your elderly family member’s medication hasn’t been taken, that’s an opportunity for you to reach out and to make sure that all is well.

Talk to your senior about whether a medication dispenser could be helpful for her. It might even be something that she’s willing to test out on a trial run.


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