Medical Alarms in Ladue MO: Fall Detection Devices

What Can a Medical Alert Device Do for You?

Back when they first came out, medical alert devices weren’t as sophisticated as they are now. They were able to put the wearer in touch with help in an emergency, but that was about all they could do. Today’s medical alert device can pinpoint your location for emergency services and even detect a fall.


Medical Alert Devices Are More Than Just a Button

It’s tempting to look at a medical alert and see just a button that contacts help in an emergency. But today’s medical alert systems offer so much more than that. The entire system works together to improve communication and to get help to you in an emergency, of course. But the system has technology inside that can do things like let a dispatcher know that you might have fallen, even if you’re not able to tell someone that yourself.


Medical Alert Devices Offer Independence

You might also worry that you’re going to be tied to something that restricts you in some way or that “tells on you” to family members. That’s not what medical alert devices do, but it’s understandable that you might be worried how the device will impact your ability to be as independent as you want to be. The reality is that with the ability to call for help quickly if you need to, you can be more independent and may find yourself feeling more adventurous.


Personal Safety Is a Key Goal

One of the biggest goals of any type of medical alert device involves keeping the wearer as safe as possible. That means that whether you’re at home going through your normal daily routine or running errands, you’re going to be able to let someone know you need help. Fumbling with a cell phone to call for help might be a concerning thought, but it’s a huge relief to know that you can push a button and help will be on the way quickly.


Finding the Right Medical Alert Device

It’s important to look at the features of each device you’re considering. If you’d like the one that automatically detects situations in which you might have fallen or become injured, there are devices that have those features. Make sure that you double-check what the device’s capabilities are so that you’ve got exactly what you need.

Knowing that you’re able to reach help instantly can be a huge relief, both for you and for the people who love you.


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