How Can You Talk To Your Aging Family Member About Medical Alarms?

Medical alarms might not seem to be a hot button topic until you actually bring them up with your senior.

The problem is that your senior might associate these devices with being old and dependent, which may be things she’s trying to avoid associating with herself. But you do need to talk with her about medical alarms and you both might have some good points. There’s a process that can help, especially if your senior has been resistant to the idea.


Medical Alert in Dexter MO: Right Medical Alarm

Medical Alert in Dexter MO: Right Medical Alarm


Be Careful with Your Timing

All big conversations with your aging family member rely a bit on timing. If you’ve been thinking about a medical alert system but something just happened that made it more important to you, right after that incident is probably bad timing. You and your senior need to talk when you’re both calm and able to talk rationally about something that might inspire some emotions in both of you.


Talk about What a Medical Alert Would Mean to You

When you find the right time to talk, share what you’re feeling and thinking with your senior. It might sound backward to focus on how a medical alert makes a difference for you, but that might be what gets through to your senior. If you’re focusing too much on changes that your senior needs to make, that can cause her to dig in her heels.


But Be Sure to Listen, Too

After you’ve had your say, make sure your elderly family member has time to talk, too. Listen to what she has to say and what concerns she has about having a medical alarm of her own. Many of those concerns are likely to be related to other fears that she has, but don’t try to talk her out of them yet. First, you need to understand why she objects so that you can help her to see whether those are truly valid issues for her.


Offer to Help Her Explore Her Options

Rather than trying to convince your senior to see it your way, try offering to help her to look at the options. If she’s open to looking at the various types of medical alert devices and learning about how they work, she might be more likely to realize for herself that some of her objections were about something else entirely.

There are so many different types of medical alert devices available now that your senior has options available for any situation.


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