Senior Safety: How Do You Choose a Medical Alarm for Your Senior?

Senior Safety: When you and your senior start looking at personal emergency response systems, you might feel overwhelmed by the choices. Addressing each of these categories can help quite a bit.


Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau MO: Senior Safety

Cellular Unit — NO Landline Required!


Look at Your Senior’s Immediate Needs

What does your senior need a personal emergency response system to do for her? She might need help avoiding a fall or she might feel more comfortable if she has a way to quickly and easily call for help. Some aging adults need medication monitoring or a daily check-in with someone who can offer reminders. Or do you need to make sure you can find her easily if she wanders off?


Consider Her Lifestyle, Too

Your senior’s lifestyle factors into all of this, too. Does your senior need to remember to put it on or is this a device that she can just wear all the time? In the latter case, she’ll want something that is waterproof. If she’s forgetful, a device with a long battery life might be a must. It might also be a good idea to find out if the alarm needs software updates or not.


Make Sure You Understand How it Functions

Personal Emergency Response System in Perryville MO: PERS and 911 Differences

Fall Detection Technology

You and you’re senior both need to understand how her PERS operates. Ideally, it should have very little setup involved. For example, being able to take it out of the package and turn it on would be optimal in terms of setting it up. Complicated menus and options are more difficult to keep up with on a regular basis. You want the learning curve to be low.


Ask about Ongoing Fees

Some PERS devices have ongoing fees, usually because of monitoring services, reminders, and the like. It’s important that you and your senior know what’s included and what isn’t from the outset. That enables you both to make the right decisions for senior safety and her needs.


Senior Safety: Make Sure it Works Where Your Senior Goes


If your elderly family member travels or is in a variety of different locations, it doesn’t hurt to make sure that her personal emergency response system will work everywhere that she goes, like the GPS unit pictured. 


The right PERS device can do amazing things for your elderly family member, from helping her to comply with her medication schedule to ensuring she feels safer when walking around her home.  It can also give you peace of mind as you realize senior safety is your top priority.


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