Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Grateful For Senior

Being Grateful For Your Senior Adult — The “Gift Of Time” Is Priceless!

In this time of social distancing, remote learning and meetings, washing and sanitizing EVERYTHING, we have basically been forced to change virtually every part of our former lifestyle. But in this time of change, please give thanks for our many blessings and remember our Senior adults.

For the most part, many of them have seen far worse than the troubles of today. They have experienced wars, “Great Depressions,” famines, and yes, even a possible pandemic in their lifetime. They all have been introduced, firsthand, to death and loss. It is very important to note that at this stage in their life, NOTHING is more important to them than friends and family. It is the social interaction with friends and family that fuels their drive to thrive.

For those that still have living parents, and are reading this, reach out to them OFTEN and just share some time with them. For those of us whose parents are gone, “adopt” a Senior adult who might not have family nearby, or who has little to no regular contact with others. It takes just a few minutes to be kind, share a memory, or some food or other resources. But most importantly, share love and care for them. They need this as much as, if not more than, air to breathe and food to eat.

To a Senior adult, ISOLATION is a cruel punishment for a crime that was never committed. And perhaps far worse, a sentence that has no foreseeable end from where we stand today. “In-person visits” are likely forbidden, so be creative. You can be a pen pal and write to them. You can send pictures or music. You can use Facetime or Skype to share time with them. Do whatever is necessary to break their isolation and lift their spirits. Your reward is that you may very well see them smile, laugh, cry, or simply LIVE again. Perhaps they will, at least for a short time, forget the isolation they are forced to endure.

Everyone reading this article has what is needed to invest in a Senior adult — TIME. We are all so busy with life, yet we must not be so busy that the ones who built all that we have surrounding us, (all of the freedoms we enjoy, the life we are able to choose to live), go without our investment of TIME. The precious commodity that each of us, in turn, will see grow in importance and value with each passing day. I ask you to invest in a Senior adult before it is too late and the opportunity is gone for good. You will be AMAZED at the return on your investment.

Les Tainter
Regional Manager


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