3 Tips to Help Seniors Eat Healthier

Eating a nutritious diet can help seniors maintain a healthy weight, have more energy, and fight off illnesses. However, loss of appetite and mobility as well as poor oral health make it more difficult for some elderly citizens to eat well. Helping your senior improve their diet is just as necessary as other actions you may take to keep them independent, such as equipping their home with a medical alarm. Here are three different tactics that will help seniors prepare and consume healthy food.

How to Help Seniors Eat Better

1. Stock the Kitchen With Protein-Rich Foods

People are susceptible to muscle loss as they age, putting them at risk of falls. If you encourage your elderly loved one to eat plenty of protein in their diet, their muscles will stay strong. Protein-rich foods, like chicken, tuna, and peanut butter, slow muscle loss and help seniors stay mobile. Installing a medical alarm in their home can also keep your loved one safe and secure.

2. Make Fruits & Vegetables Easier to Eat

medical alarmFruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals essential for good health. However, if your senior has dental problems, chewing foods may be painful. If they turn fruits and veggies into smoothies, they’ll be able to enjoy the best of nature’s produce without discomfort. Consider buying them a blender and a cookbook with recipes about whipping up healthy drinks.

3. Encourage Exercise

Regular exercise increases muscle mass and improves bone health. It can also increase appetites, whether it’s walking or riding a bike. Don’t let the seniors in your life be sedentary. Encourage them to stay active, and exercise with them as often as you can. Having a medical alarm in the home provides reassurance that seniors can get the help they need if they exercise indoors.

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