Fall Detection in St. Louis MO: Senior Safety

What Safety Habits Is Your Senior Building?

Most of the time people think about habits in terms of being “good” or “bad,” but there are also “safer” habits that are important to nurture. Some of these may be habits your elderly family member has been resisting in one way or another.

Making Sure She Has Clear Paths

Clearing pathways is huge for safety, but it may be something your elderly family member has been resisting for a while. Clutter may be a big part of the problem, but it’s not the only possible culprit. Help your elderly family member to rearrange furniture if necessary to ensure that she’s got the space she needs to maneuver safely.

Wearing Shoes All Day

When your elderly family member’s footing is stable, she’s less likely to stumble or worse, to fall. One of the ways that she can get the best possible footing is for her to wear shoes during the day that have non-slip soles that are sturdy. This might be something new for her, but if she feels more stable, she may be more willing to be more active, too.

Checking Her Lighting

What your senior can see, she can avoid more easily. That means that the lighting in her home is incredibly important. Do what you can to replace older styles of bulbs with brighter LED lighting. If she needs additional lighting, look at how you can help her to add that to her existing setup. Adding motion sensors is another way to help her to use lighting all the time and not forget to turn lights on.

Keeping Her Assistive Devices in Good Working Order

If your elderly family member is willing to use assistive devices, like canes or walkers, she needs to maintain them. Tips wear out and need replacement. Both canes and walkers are adjustable according to height or to how they’re being used, so that may need adjusting. Some assistive devices just plain wear out, like orthotic shoes. Double-check what you need to do to ensure those devices remain usable.

Resting When She Needs It

Rest matters, too. When your elderly family member is getting the rest that she needs, she’s going to be able to keep up more easily with everything that life throws her way. For some people that means resting overnight, but if your elderly family member needs to conserve her energy, that’s a bigger concern. Elderly care providers can help her to get done what needs to get done without burning too much of her own energy in the process.

Keeping your senior safe means using the habits that she already has in place to their best advantage.


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