Fall Detection in Jackson MO: Fall Detection Importance

Why Is Fall Detection So Important?

Older adults who fall one time often don’t tell their doctors about the fall.

They’re also twice as likely to experience a second fall, and that one might be even more serious in terms of injuries and long-term effects. The tools your senior relies on can make a big difference, even in the face of those statistics. One of the easiest tools to add to your aging family member’s plan is a device with built-in fall detection.


Emergencies Happen

You never know when an emergency is going to happen, so using fall detection technology ensures that your senior has a way to access help if she needs it. Accurate fall detection ensures that even if your elderly family member isn’t able to press a button to ask for help, she still gets the help that she needs. That’s crucial in case she hits her head or suffers another type of medical emergency that causes her to fall.

personal emergency response system in St Louis, MO: Medical Alarms

personal emergency response system in St Louis, MO: Medical Alarms

The Basics of Fall Detection Technology

But how do these devices detect falls? Fall detection technology involves using accelerometers to detect when someone wearing the device has fallen. Many devices have more than one accelerometer to help ensure that the fall detection process is as accurate as possible. When body motion changes abruptly, the algorithms calculate instantly whether this was due to a fall or something else.


Ultimately it Needs to Be Easy to Use

For your aging family member’s purposes, fall detection devices absolutely need to be easy to use above all else. If the device is complicated or clunky, your senior is not going to wear it and that’s going to defeat the purpose of having it. Look for fall detection devices that are waterproof to ensure that your elderly family member is protected even in the shower.


Fall Detection Devices Are Just Part of the Plan

Fall detection devices are an incredible tool, but they won’t on their own solve the fall problem for your senior. They’re a big part of what needs to be a complete fall-prevention plan. Assess your senior’s environment and look at ways to reduce clutter and to make sure your senior’s environment is safe overall. There are other safety tools and devices that you might want to consider, too, like grab bars and walking tools.

Used as a part of a comprehensive plan for preventing falls, fall detection devices can be the technological tool that your senior relies on most often.


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