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Who Should Wear Fall Detection Devices?

Fall detection devices use gyroscopes and other advanced technology to automatically detect a fall and contact help for your senior.

Falls are a huge issue for older adults, so it’s important to have a fall prevention plan in place for your elderly family member. Fall detection devices can be part of that plan.


personal emergency response system in St Louis, MO: Medical Alarms

personal emergency response system in St Louis, MO: Medical Alarms




Seniors with Cardiovascular Diseases or Risks

Cardiovascular diseases, like high blood pressure and congestive heart failure, can cause episodes where your senior isn’t as stable on her feet as she would like to be. Your senior may also be more susceptible to a stroke or heart attack because of cardiovascular issues. All of these can cause her to fall and to be unable to call for help right away.


People with Mobility Issues

Mobility concerns can range from having a small amount of difficulty moving around to being unable to walk without assistive tools. Your senior may be more prone to tripping or to losing her balance, which is definitely a risk factor for a fall. Fall detection devices can be invaluable in getting help to your senior as quickly as possible.


People with Diabetes or Hypoglycemia

Blood sugar issues that go along with diabetes, including both high and low blood sugar levels, can cause your elderly family member to be more likely to fall. Hypoglycemia in particular can cause your senior to feel dizzy or lightheaded. A fall can compound the health issues that she’s experiencing all at once.


Seniors Who Live Alone

If your elderly family member lives alone, you might be more concerned about her being able to avoid falling. Having a fall detection device for her can help you to feel more at ease with her decision to continue to age in place. She may also feel more confident at home, knowing that help is never far away.


People Who Take Medications That Cause Significant Side Effects

Every medication has side effects, but some of those side effects can be very serious, including dizziness or other issues that can make your senior more susceptible to a fall. It’s also important that you and she know that multiple medications can have compounded side effects, meaning that the more medications your senior takes the more severe the side effects can be.

Wearing a fall detection device is fairly unobtrusive, and yet the device is there for your senior if she does happen to fall. Help can be there right away.


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