Personal Emergency Response System in Dexter MO: Medication Dispenser Advice

What Should You Consider When Looking for a Medication Dispenser?

The right medication dispenser doesn’t just make your elderly family member’s life a lot easier.

It also ensures that she’s taking the right medications when she should and that her medications are safely stored when she’s in between doses. There are a lot of other factors to consider, too, when you’re looking for the perfect dispenser for your senior.

medication dispenser in Jackson MO: Pill Dispenser

medication dispenser in Jackson MO: Pill Dispenser

How Easy is the Dispenser to Use?

If your elderly family member is managing her medication dispenser on her own, it needs to be really easy to use. The right dispenser should have easy-to-understand instructions and the mechanics of the dispenser should operate easily for your senior. The actual opening for the dispenser should allow medications of all sizes to release easily, too. It does your senior no good if the pills aren’t able to come out of the dispenser when she needs them.


How Much Can the Dispenser Hold?

It’s important for you to know as much as possible about your senior’s medications in order to find the right dispenser. If she takes multiple doses of different medications per day, there need to be separate compartments for that purpose. The other thing to consider is how many medications your senior takes. The compartments need to be large enough to adequately hold all of the required medications.


Does the Dispenser Need to Lock?

If your senior lives with children or pets or if she needs to have a failsafe for her medications, then a lockable medication dispenser is a must. These types of dispensers may also have programmable alarms and alerts that can help her to remember to take her medications and also indicate whether there’s a problem. This can be incredibly helpful if your elderly family member often isn’t sure if she’s taken her medications or not.


Can the Dispenser Be Monitored Remotely?

Another feature you may want to consider if your elderly family member often forgets to take her medication is remote monitoring. These types of medication dispensers help to track when your senior takes her medications, whether she’s missed any doses, and other information that you can set up with the monitoring facility. This can offer you and your senior peace of mind about her medications.

Finding the right medication dispenser can be a huge help for your elderly family member. She can manage her medications much more easily and you’ll know that she’s safer for having the right tools.


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