Medication Dispenser in Cape Girardeau MO: Senior Independence Tools

Seven Tools to Help Your Senior Live Independently


One major goal for plenty of aging adults is to remain as independent as they can for as long as possible. That’s a lot easier with the right tools.



Kitchen Tools

Cooking is a lot easier when your senior has the right tools. Opening jars and cans might be more difficult now than it used to be, so using an automatic jar and can openers can be a huge help. Automatic shut-offs for the stove burners and spillover prevention lids can allow your senior to keep cooking for longer than she might have thought she could.


Medication Dispenser

Managing medications can get complicated, especially when your elderly family member takes several different medications, possibly at different times of the day. According to the American Heart Association, 75 percent of people prescribed medication in America are not taking that medication as prescribed. Medication non-compliance can contribute to complications, so having a tool like a medication dispenser reduces the likelihood of that situation happening.


                                                                                    Medication Dispenser in Cape Girardeau MO: Senior Independence Tools

Personal Care Aids

Personal care tasks involve getting dressed, grooming, and handling tasks related to bathing. This is another area where tools abound. Your elderly family member might benefit from things like sock and shoe tools, zipper pullers, and button hooks. You may also want to reconsider things like your senior’s shoes. If she has difficulty tying laces, replacing her shoes with slip-on versions or swapping out the laces for no-tie versions may be a good idea.

Shower Chair

Showers are another area where your elderly family member might be facing some challenges to her independence. Adding a shower chair or bathing bench can be a perfect way to ensure that your elderly family member has the support that she needs to bathe safely. Swapping out her shower head for one with a longer reach can also help.

Grab Bars

Shower stalls, bathrooms, and hallways are great places to install grab bars. In the bathroom, there are versions that use super-strong suction cups that you can install at any height or angle that your senior needs. For more permanent support, it’s a good idea to choose versions that anchor into the studs in the wall.

Doorbell Camera

Whether your elderly family member has trouble hearing when someone is at the door or simply is concerned about answering the door on her own, a doorbell camera can be the perfect answer. These types of systems use a wireless camera to connect your senior’s tablet or smartphone to whoever is at the front door. This is often much easier to manage than going to the door, especially if your elderly family member is safety conscious.


“Medic Alert” System

Did you know that people who have a Personal Emergency Response System (i.e. “medic alert”) actually live independently in their own homes an average of 6 years longer than someone who does not have one?  The reason being is that they are able to get help at any time, for any reason, simply by pushing a button — EVEN IF THEY CANNOT SPEAK!  This is important for those individuals who may have a medical condition such as heart disease, diabetes, or epilepsy.  If someone has a heart attack, stroke, diabetic event, or seizure, they may not be able to speak.  When they push their button, our response center will try to establish voice communication with that individual.   If they are not able to do so, they assume the worse, pray for the best, and will send help!!!!  

Your family member may need different types of tools as her circumstances and her needs change. Being aware of the types of tools available out there helps you to stay on top of what she may need.

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