How to Choose the Right Personal Emergency Alarm System

Personal alarms have come a long way because of the advances in communication technology. This might be the perfect solution for your senior. Finding the right system means looking at all of the various specifications, features, and behind the scenes details involved. These are just a few of the different parts of the system you want to think about as you decide on the right one.


Medical Alert in Dexter MO: Right Medical Alarm

Medical Alert in Dexter MO: Right Medical Alarm



Look at the Features Offered with Each Personal Emergency Alarm System

Different types of personal alarms offer a variety of different features. Some offer simple emergency alert assistance, while others also offer automatic fall detection. Other services also can offer check-in services, which involve calling your senior and monitoring how she’s doing. It’s important to check which features are available and compare those with what your senior needs most.


Double Check the Specifications, Too

It also helps to know where your senior is likely to be when she wears the device. If she’s at home, she may only need a device that works with a base system. If she’s on the go a lot, then a device that uses GPS technology might be more appropriate. For seniors with mobility concerns, fall detection is a good idea, but so is a waterproof device that can be worn in the shower.


Ask about Response Times and How Emergencies Are Handled

Something else to consider is how emergency calls are routed and what the procedure is on the dispatch side of the personal alarm system. You’ll want to know details about average response times as well, because that helps you to get an idea whether this is the type of system your senior needs. If there are other monitoring features, it’s also a good plan to ask for details about how those work.


Find Out What Other Information Is Necessary

There may be additional information that emergency dispatchers need to have on file for your senior, so it may be a good idea to ask about those details. Finding out whether there can be an emergency contact list on file is one of those details. Dispatchers may also need basic information about your elderly family member’s health in order to know what sort of help they need to send if she’s unable to talk.

With a personal emergency alarm system, your senior may feel more confident than she has in a long time. If an emergency should arise, she’ll be able to call for help quickly and easily.


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