Senior Care Spotlight: To Sell Or Not To Sell….

Have you ever met a real estate agent who supports an older adult’s desire to stay put (not sell their home) in lieu of moving to a senior living community)? Well, you have now! It’s not great for his business, but it’s good for the soul.

Ted Gottlieb

Ted Gottlieb

Ted Gottlieb holds the distinction of being the only Missouri Licensed Real Estate Broker who’s also a Certified Senior Advisor®(CSA®). Ted earns his living selling real estate. He’s a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) – a distinction earned by only 3% of real estate agents nationally.

As a CSA®, Ted’s tasked with putting your needs before his own, providing the information you need to make educated decisions. Informed decisions, the first time! Ted is the Founder of The Senior Learning Institute – providing in-person and on-line resources for seniors and their loved one – totally FREE of charge. ( We asked Ted to share more about his unique and warm approach to helping folks just like you. Here’s what we shared with us.

“I’m on a mission to advocate and protect our seniors. Almost 90% of seniors want to stay put. Often, home is where they should be – especially if they can do so independently. If not, with the right support system in place, it can still make sense. How I’m first introduced to the senior is interesting. Sometimes, a senior living community refers me as someone who can ease the transition process. Other times, it’s a care manager, estate planning attorney, financial advisor, senior living community locator service that calls me in to determine the value of the home and eventually get it sold (no matter it’s condition).

We sit down (in person or by phone), take stock as to where you are and where you want to be. Together, we discover what’s in your best interest and provide you the resources to accomplish that. (

The way I position my services is that I’m a very productive real estate agent who’s goal is to sell the home for as much as possible (when you’re ready – if ever) while providing a turnkey solution to getting through the maze of issues associated with aging. If there’s a property to sell, then I do that and do that well. If not, that’s fine too. I’m here to help – FREE!

I act as a FREE case manager of sorts. Asking questions and referring to professionals who can assist with most any aging issue – Home Modifications/Repairs/Maintenance, Home Safety, Decluttering/Organizing, ‘Junk’ Removal, Transportation, Care Management, Medical Issues, Financial Planning, Reverse Mortgages, Medicare Plans, VA Benefits, Bill Paying, Moving, Estate Sales – you name it.

The value that I add comes from hands-on experience and professional training. I have all the senior’s real estate designations known to mankind (CSHP, SRES®) and more. I’ve had a Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) designation and am also a Certified Dementia Practitioner®(CDP). Add in the boards and groups that I’m a part of and it’s clear that I’m all in for servicing older adults and their families.

I help seniors well outside the St. Louis, MO area, and encourage anyone to call me for guidance and/or referrals. My network runs wide and deep, and it would be my pleasure to connect you with the resources you seek.

One very important lesson that I want to share. I’ve been known to get on a soapbox, when it comes to selling a home ‘as-is’, for cash, to an investor. Most investors are lovely people and they provide a needed service. However, unless a house is really distressed or the money doesn’t matter, then I think that there are better ways to go about it. When that rare home comes along that deserves to be sold this way (often for 50 cents on the dollar or less), then I bring in 3-4 investors and get them to bid against one another. This has resulted in putting tens of thousands of more dollars in my Seller’s pockets (to use for their care or their legacy). When the money is important, we’re best served to expose the property to the market (by listing it). There are a couple of ways to do that, which I can share at some other time. The KEY point – selling ‘as-is’ rarely works in the Seller’s best interest. So don’t let the idea of leaving what you don’t want in the home, closing fast, and cash, cloud your vision.”

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