How Do Medical Alarms Work?

Medical alarm systems look complicated and they have a very important job. They’re all about keeping your elderly family member as safe as she can be, but they’re not nearly as difficult to use as you might expect.



The Hardware Is Simple and Easy to Use

It’s easy to believe that medical alarms would be complicated pieces of equipment. After all, they can do so much for your senior. But they’re a lot simpler and easier to use than people tend to expect. There’s usually a base unit, which may also serve as a charger. Then there’s the medical alarm itself, which usually only has one large button and may have a speaker on the unit itself. Usually, the alarm can be worn as a pendant or on your senior’s wrist.

The System Uses Modern Technologies

As simple as the hardware looks, there are plenty of complicated technologies at work on the inside. The devices involved in medical alarms use landlines, LTE/5G cellular technology and GPS to help with real-time monitoring capabilities. This allows emergency services to pinpoint your senior’s location if she’s unable to tell anyone where she is. The radio frequencies enable the wearable portion of the system to communicate with the base system, giving your senior freedom of movement.

Some Features Are Automatic

In order to alert the system that your senior needs help, she only needs to press the button on the wearable unit to contact operators who can send help her way as soon as possible. But all that technology means that some of the features that ensure your senior’s safety are automatic. Fall detection capabilities use gyroscopic technology to automatically detect a potential fall and then alert operators to send assistance.

Medical Alarms Offer Peace of Mind

The biggest reason for you and your elderly family member to seriously consider medical alarms is that they can offer a great deal of peace of mind to both of you. This is especially important if she wants to age in place for as long as she possibly can. This is one more way for you to help her to be as safe as she can be while still maintaining her independence.

Take a closer look at what medical alarms can do for your senior. They’re an incredible tool to have as part of your elderly family member’s toolkit. They can also help her to meet some of her biggest goals.


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