Help. Any Time. Any Day. Any Reason.

Did you know that 1 of every 3 seniors, aged 65 or older, will have a fall this year? Do you know that 80% of all falls occur within, or in a close proximity of, a person’s home? Have you (or someone you know) fallen and laid there for hours or days, unable to get help?

These questions give great concern to the mother / daughter, “sandwich generation” caregiver, owner of Around the Clock Medical Alarms.

In 1972, her mother died and she was “adopted” by her retired grandparents. This situation is more prevalent in todays’ society, but was unheard of at that time.

As the primary caregiver for her grandparents, she lived the same challenges that families face today in helping to care for their aging loved ones.

She has worked her entire adult life in the medical field by working in various capacities in hospital settings and medical offices, was owner of Comfort Keepers in Cape Girardeau for five years, and was the marketing representative for two local hospice agencies. It is obvious she has a special affinity for the elderly.

“I know that I worried when my grandparents did not answer the telephone, because my mind always went to the unthinkable…”

In 2012, her father-in-law suffered from COPD and heart issues. Again, she found herself facing many of those same fears, because he was alone during the day. “What if…worried me!”

After exploring the local options available, she found that none could meet her dads’ needs. Due to the size of the pendant, she knew he would not wear it. Additionally, she found that some providers have limited service areas. “That is when I decided to explore other options and eventually started Around the Clock Medical Alarms. I needed to feel security that Dad was okay to be alone while I was at work. A medical alarm could help me to feel better about that situation.”IMG_0898.JPG

According to Ruth Dockins, public information director at Aging Matters, (formerly Southeast Missouri Area Agency of Aging), “If you live alone or are concerned about elderly loved ones who still live at home, a medical alert system is worth taking seriously. The thing I would look for is one where you didn’t have to sign a contract”, she says. “One where you can pay on a monthly basis and there is no contract and no hookup fees. One where I could just bring it into the house and turn it on. I would want one that was answered by a live person.”

Around the Clock Medical Alarms was the answer for both women!   Additionally, since Around the Clock Medical Alarms is a nationwide provider, they can help anyone, anywhere in the U.S., and have rate plans to meet any budget. No contract means that it can be used on a short-term basis – even post-operatively!

“No one has a time ticker or crystal ball.  So, how can an elderly or ill person be asked to commit to a 3 year contract? That is just unreasonable!” In conclusion, “My goal is to help provide my clients (and their families) peace of mind knowing that help is available at the push of a button – anytime, day or night – Around the Clock – 24/7, 365.”