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3 Fun Instragram Accounts for Seniors

If you’re interested in the idea of bite-sized content with interesting pictures and videos, but you’re not sure where to start on Instagram, don’t worry. We’ve created a list of seven accounts from people of all ages, backgrounds and niches for you to check out. From a young family living the RV travel life even during the COVID-19 pandemic to an older British couple relishing the romance of everyday life, you’ll find plenty of options on our list.

1. Pauline & Geoffrey Walker

This lovely British couple has been married since 1951. The account, @geoffreywalk, is mostly run by Geoffrey, who gives short Bible and faith talks, shows off his garden and talks followers through making easy recipes such as jacket potatoes. He often features Pauline, who might be crafting something clever or enjoying an outing with him. 

2. Jerry Rosenblum

This 98-year old is living a vibrant life singing, performing and writing a book. He also calls on others to be kind to each other. You can follow him at @jerry_rosenblum to see what he gets up to thanks to Katie, who helps him run his Instagram account.

3. Belinda Donner

Belinda is 52 years old, so she’s technically not yet a senior citizen. But her @younglikeb Instagram has something for people of all ages. “You’re never too old to be young,” reads her profile. She shares captions and images from her life and links to posts on her blog with recipes, health information and other tips.