Fall Detection Devices in Sikeston MO

What Is a Fall Detection Device?

Helping your elderly family member to avoid a fall involves many levels of decisions. First, there are all of the safety decisions that you and your senior need to make. Next, there are medical considerations and possibly finding assistive devices that can help. One type of assistive device you might want to consider is a fall detection device.

Why Is Fall Detection Necessary?

Fall detection is vital because one in five falls can result in a serious injury according to the CDC. Also, once someone falls, they’re twice as likely to experience another fall. Being able to detect a fall is crucial because it means your senior gets help far faster than she might without the assistance. The faster your elderly family member gets help, the more likely she is to avoid complications from a fall, like dehydrating or developing pressure sores.

Fall Detection Devices Are Wearable and Durable

Fall detecting devices are small so that your aging family member can wear them easily. They’re also durable because these tools are meant to be worn every day. They’re water-resistant, which means if your elderly family member is caught in the rain or she wears it in the shower, she’s protected. It’s important that the device is both easy and comfortable to wear, too.

They Use Sensors and Algorithms

The really important part of the fall detection device is the technology within the device itself. Accelerometers are a type of sensor that detects how quickly something is accelerating. This means that the device itself, worn on your senior’s body, detects how fast her body is accelerating during a fall. The devices are programmed with algorithms that compare normal movements, like walking or riding in a car, with the movements involved in a fall.

They Do More, Too

But as helpful as fall detection devices are, they can do a little bit more, too. There’s a button on the device itself that allows your senior to call for help if she needs it. She may not have fallen, but she may be feeling unwell or as if she’s about to fall. Being able to press a button and to alert someone that she needs help is a way for her to avoid injuring herself.

Fall detection devices can be a powerful part of your elderly family member’s home safety plan. These simple wearable devices do so much to help your senior to feel and to be safer at home.


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