Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau, MO: Medical Alarms

Notice Changes in Mom and/or Dad?

In May, we celebrated Mother’s Day. We will celebrate Father’s Day very soon….

Many of us may have seen our parent(s) face-to-face for the first time in several months — or possibly a year or longer.

Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau, MO: Medical Alarms

Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau, MO: Medical Alarms

If we notice changes in their health, mobility, or wellbeing, we may now be the ones who worry about them, instead of the other way around.

As we prepare to be better caregivers, protectors, and friends to our elder loved ones, we realize that older family members may need our assistance and care more now than ever.

If you feel that now is the time to consider DME (durable medical equipment), physical or occupational therapy, home care, assisted living, or hospice, it may be time to consider the medic alert system, as well. Many people feel a PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) is only for an elder person who falls. However, it is for anyone — regardless of age — who would benefit from the ability to get help ASAP in an emergent situation.

800,000 seniors are hospitalized after a fall and the average hospital costs around a fall is $30,000! This is a staggering statistic that many families are experiencing. One in three (1/3) of seniors 65 and older will fall this year. Nearly half (48%) need help up after they get down. For those who cannot get up, their health is typically compromised, because they lay there for hours, or worse, days. If this happens, their families feel that they are not able to remain independent. They start looking for other options to keep their loved ones “safe” and oftentimes it means moving their loved ones out of their family homes.

Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau, MO: Medical Alarms 

A medical alert system will not prevent a fall, heart attack, stroke, or any other emergency, but it will get help IF/WHEN it happens — even if you cannot speak!

A new subscriber, Ms. JoAnn R., had this to say about the Around the Clock Medical Alarms service: “You have been so easy to talk to and the setup was easy. Les was so nice and explained everything well. I really like the button around my neck. I have told people about you! Thank you and God Bless ALL of you. My daughter got to know Linda by phone and is very pleased!”

Thank you, JoAnn, for allowing us to assist with your medical alert service needs!

Do you have Grandparent(s), Parent(s), or other elderly, or ill, Loved One(s) that you are concerned about?

Let us help you to help them to stay safe and independent! Protection for as little as $1/day! Cost is covered by some Long-term care plans AND the Veterans Aide and Attendance (Wartime vet and/or surviving spouse) pension.


Help is available — “Around the Clock” — EVEN IF they cannot speak!


Remember, we are here to help you to help them to maintain THEIR independence and YOUR peace of mind! IF you need help, call us at 573-334-7233 or 877-449-5566 or visit online at:

#SeniorSafety #MedicAlert #Caregivers #PERS



If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau, MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
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Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Stress

Stress: Four Big Ways for Your Senior to Reduce Her Stress

Stress is a major hazard for your elderly family member because it can lead to bigger health issues.

Stress can also cause your senior to make less healthy choices for herself. Reducing stress is something that you and your elderly family member can tackle together, but she needs to be willing to share with you what’s causing her the biggest issues. Some of these answers might be helpful for your conversation.


Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Stress

Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Stress



Reach out to Find Solutions for Big Stressors

The typical stressors of life, like a demanding career, may not be a concern for your senior anymore, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t experience stress. She may be worried about her health, about the people that she loves, and about how she’s going to meet her own goals like aging in place. Encourage her to talk to you about what she finds stressful and how you can help her.


Find Ways to Add More Fun to Every Day

Life doesn’t have to be staid and gloomy. Especially for your elderly family member, it’s important that there’s some fun in every aspect of her day. This might be a new idea for your senior to embrace, but it’s also an easy concept to put into practice. Try small things at first and add more every day.


Try a Variety of Relaxation Techniques

There are a lot of different options available when it comes to relaxation techniques. Your senior might find that meditation works well for her or she might enjoy deep breathing more. Some people enjoy yoga, while others prefer walking meditations. The key is just for your elderly family member to find something that works well for her and that she enjoys. That means she’ll stick with it.


Stress: Consider Assistive Tools Like Medical Alarms

When your senior is stressed because of her health, that might cause her to avoid doing things that she loves to do. That robs her in a variety of different ways. Assistive devices like medical alarms offer her a chance to feel safer knowing that if something does happen, she can call for help right away. That alone can greatly reduce her stress.

Getting to the root of your senior’s stress as quickly as possible can help you to suggest different options for her that might be helpful. Working together with her medical team, you can likely find a combination of answers that meet her needs.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
Call Us: 877.449.5566

Personal Emergency Response System in Perryville MO: PERS and 911 Differences

Who Should Wear Fall Detection Devices?

Fall detection devices use gyroscopes and other advanced technology to automatically detect a fall and contact help for your senior.

Falls are a huge issue for older adults, so it’s important to have a fall prevention plan in place for your elderly family member. Fall detection devices can be part of that plan.


personal emergency response system in St Louis, MO: Medical Alarms

personal emergency response system in St Louis, MO: Medical Alarms




Seniors with Cardiovascular Diseases or Risks

Cardiovascular diseases, like high blood pressure and congestive heart failure, can cause episodes where your senior isn’t as stable on her feet as she would like to be. Your senior may also be more susceptible to a stroke or heart attack because of cardiovascular issues. All of these can cause her to fall and to be unable to call for help right away.


People with Mobility Issues

Mobility concerns can range from having a small amount of difficulty moving around to being unable to walk without assistive tools. Your senior may be more prone to tripping or to losing her balance, which is definitely a risk factor for a fall. Fall detection devices can be invaluable in getting help to your senior as quickly as possible.


People with Diabetes or Hypoglycemia

Blood sugar issues that go along with diabetes, including both high and low blood sugar levels, can cause your elderly family member to be more likely to fall. Hypoglycemia in particular can cause your senior to feel dizzy or lightheaded. A fall can compound the health issues that she’s experiencing all at once.


Seniors Who Live Alone

If your elderly family member lives alone, you might be more concerned about her being able to avoid falling. Having a fall detection device for her can help you to feel more at ease with her decision to continue to age in place. She may also feel more confident at home, knowing that help is never far away.


People Who Take Medications That Cause Significant Side Effects

Every medication has side effects, but some of those side effects can be very serious, including dizziness or other issues that can make your senior more susceptible to a fall. It’s also important that you and she know that multiple medications can have compounded side effects, meaning that the more medications your senior takes the more severe the side effects can be.

Wearing a fall detection device is fairly unobtrusive, and yet the device is there for your senior if she does happen to fall. Help can be there right away.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Fall Detection in Creve Couer MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
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Thankful For Peace Of Mind

Normally after something tragic we think of getting a medical alarm for our loved ones.

I know when my aunt fell over 12 years ago and lay on the floor for days without anyone knowing we got her an alarm system. Therefore, when our dear friend’s sister fell, I advised that friend to contact Linda and Les at Around the Clock Medical Alarms (ATCMA). (Just FYI my friend lives in Florida – ATCMA can help you wherever you or your loved one live – you don’t have to be in Cape Girardeau, Missouri where they are located). They are a nationwide provider of the PERS (Personal Emergency Response System). Then I called Linda to give her a heads up. Little did I know our conversation would change my life and give me the peace I was seeking.

At the time my mother was in a nursing home.
Mom was one of those individuals whose body failed while their brain was sharp. She could not get up by herself and needed lots of assistance. She stayed in the same lift chair 24/7. Often mom would wait extremely long for care. My mom had dealt with narcolepsy since she was in high school, she would fall asleep without notice, so the thought of her sitting on a portable potty in the middle of her room waiting for help to get off was particularly troublesome. If she fell asleep, she could easily fall. Needless to say, I was concerned. During my conversation with Linda about my friend’s sister, Linda asked about how my mom was doing. I explained the situation and she said “You know, we put alarms in nursing homes too”. I had never thought about an alarm for my mom. One thing I had learned during mom’s 6 stays in 4 different nursing homes during the past 8 years (some short-term stays for rehabilitation due to surgeries and bone breakages) is that staff in nursing homes are overworked and underpaid, please know I am not complaining about care. I was just trying to find a solution to a sad reality that has been around for a long time. I am thankful for the caring staff who treated mother as they would their own mother. I know those nursing homes and staff care deeply about their residents but one can only do so much.

Long story short In July 2019 we decided to try Around the Clock Medical Alarms.
A system was sent to our friend in Kansas and she set it up for my mom. Mom loved knowing she could get help when she needed it. I loved the security of knowing I would get a call if there was a problem. That meant if mom pushed her button, provided it was not an accidental push, I knew. She could not say “Oh I just won’t tell Kim about this so as not to worry her” as my mom did that a lot. She would even tell her dear friend who visited her daily not to tell me things that had happened. The alarm system gave me peace of mind and a feeling that I knew what was happening and how best to advocate for my mom. The alarm system allowed mom to push it when it was necessary for care, and the emergency Response Center always got in touch with mom and the nursing home and got her the care she needed. They stayed on the alarm system with her talking to her until she got the help she needed. When mom received the care, she needed then I received a call and knew what was happening. Peace of mind knowing my mom was taken care of. Mom and I could then touch base afterwards and be on the same page.


Kim & Dad Aug 2014

My dad was living alone at the time and did not feel he needed a medic alert, so we did not pursue that for him.

At the time dad was driving 30 minutes one way to the nursing home daily to see my mom and taking care of himself at home. But we did have an issue. He would occasionally forget his medication. One time when Linda at ATCMA called to check on my mom and mom’s alarm system (yes – they call to check on your loved one and monthly alarm checks are done also) Linda asked about dad – I told her about the medication issue and she said they had a medication dispenser that might help. We could either buy it outright and set it up or if we had an alarm system for dad, we could link it to that and if he did not remember to take his medication, he would receive a reminder phone call. We decided to just buy the system outright. Linda and Les got a system to me, spent time showing me how to set it up and use it, and then I took it back to Kansas in November 2019 when we went home for Thanksgiving. It worked like a charm. We could see when he forgot to take his medication. Since we live 10 hours away in Missouri, we had someone coming in to add medication to the dispenser. I called the pharmacy for refills, his caregiver picked them up and filled the dispenser. Additionally, we bought an extra tray so she could have it all ready when she came to the house to see dad. She popped in the new tray, took the old one, and let me know if all medication had been taken. It worked so well.

Mom’s alarm and dad’s medication dispenser made things easier.
As we all know caring for a loved one is tough. Having a loved one in a nursing home is another challenge and being 10 hours away adds to that. Then add in a nursing home shut down due to COVID-19 which made it impossible for the caregiver who came in from outside to see mom daily and bring the items she needed and you add to the stress.



Long story short, my mom passed away on April 5th, 2020.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were not able to go back to KS for the burial – there was no funeral – we had planned to have it as soon as we could but then my dad hurt his leg carrying her lift chair that the nursing home sent back with him on the day after her death. Needless to say, I had no idea they were sending the chair back and could not get help to unload it for him as I knew nothing about it. I was busy planning a burial from 10 hours away. My dad’s leg which he bruised got progressively worse during that week and blood clots developed. Just so you know, if you have paid your yearly rate and something happens to your loved one, you get your money back for the unused time or you can transfer the system to another loved one like we did. As of April 9th, when we got mom’s personal effects back from the hospital (mom was wearing her button when she went to the hospital the day she died) Dad was set up with mom’s system and we had that peace of mind once again even though we were not in the same state.

Three days later, Easter Sunday, dad called me – his leg was hurting and he had not slept all night.
His leg was cold and purple. My dad spent 52 days in the hospital and had 6 surgeries. I was not able to be there in person. On May 21st I saw my dad for the first time since March 2020 before the whole lockdown thing got really bad. Our whole family had gone to Kansas for my father-in-law’s surprise birthday celebration so we all got to see mom through the window and thankfully an exception was made for me to go to a doctor appointment with my mom and then stay with her when she got a blood transfusion the next day. When we finally did get to see dad, two of our sons’ and I spent 3 months in Kansas caring for him. We all drove back to Missouri in late August. Dad’s camper came with us. To say it has been an adventure I could never imagine is an understatement! Currently, we are at our house for a time while dad continues healing.


His Around the Clock Medical Alarm and his medication dispenser have come with him.
They are both lifelines for us. The medical dispenser acts as a reminder for me and my family so we know dad has gotten his medications. If I have to be gone or if I am outside in his camper teaching or sleeping, I know dad not only has his phone to call me but his button to push if the need arises. Yes, you read that correctly, my husband and I are sleeping in dad’s camper and we are utilizing that as extra space for our family. All caregivers know we must be creative when it comes to meeting everyone’s needs when caring for our loved ones.

I can’t encourage you enough to contact Around the Clock Medical Alarms. They truly care about their clients. I can’t tell you the number of times I have had to call Linda or Les — or the times they have contacted my mom and dad to check on their systems. No matter how many times I contact them, I am never made to feel that I am bothering them. They truly care about their clients AND their families. I know Linda has been a caregiver and she truly gets it. Les has worked in nursing homes. He gets it too. They can help give you peace of mind while you are doing your best to care for your loved ones. I hope my story helps you on your journey to care for your loved ones in this difficult time. I originally wrote this in November while counting my blessings and remarked that we are thankful for that phone call to Linda about my friend’s sister as it has given us peace of mind that money cannot buy.

Now as we head into May & June, and think of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, that gratitude has not left me.
I know I have been able to truly honor my mother and father, by doing my best to care for them as they always did for me. We are still so grateful for the peace of mind that Around the Clock Medical Alarms brings to our family. We pray for everyone in the position of caring for their loved ones and hope that you reach out to Around the Clock Medical Alarms as they can help bring you peace of mind too.

…Guest article by Kim B., daughter, MO.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
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Fall Detection Device

Caregiver? Let me help you to help them!

April 13, 2021

Subject: Caregiver?
Let me help you to help them!

Hey, friends and family!

Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau MO: Senior Safety

I hope you’re doing well! Many of you know this, but nine years ago, I started my own business in the Personal Emergency Response (PERS) industry. As crazy as it sounds, I LOVE WHAT I DO! I get excited to know that I can help our subscribers (AND their families) to have peace of mind that they can maintain their safety and independence! But I also know that the reality is that most people do not realize how beneficial these devices are. Many caregivers feel overwhelmed with the fear of an aging, or ill, loved one living alone or potentially falling. Additionally, most people get anxious about having to deal with this very overwhelming (but important!) part of their lives. That’s exactly why I started my business.

I love being able to do what I love (working with families) to help people with something they don’t love (navigating the aging process). If you, or anyone you know, needs help to get a medic alert system in place, I’d be thrilled to help! I can help to determine what equipment best suits their particular need, answer any questions, establish service, and get them protected, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. And you can relax knowing you’ll get the most reliable, dependable, and affordable PERS system possible.


You can learn more about my business at my website: or feel free to call me at 573-334-7233 to answer any questions that you might have.



Our mission is to provide a medical alarm service to the elderly and ill that will enable them to remain independent in their own homes. Oftentimes, we can complete the order process in a few minutes. Once that order process is complete, the service to protect the ones whom you love and care for can be in place within a matter of hours or days.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement on this journey. I hope that you think of me when you hear of someone who is dealing with an aging, or ill, loved one or who might be seeking a medical alarm device.

I hope to hear from you soon! Please share my information with anyone that you feel might benefit from my service or that you may be concerned about. It’s a great Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Gift Idea!

With warm regards –

Linda Bass, owner

p.s. Send us your email to to receive your copy of our monthly newsletter!


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
Call Us: 877.449.5566



Senior Care Spotlight: Home Sweet Home Senior Transitions

Home Sweet Home Senior Transitions takes the stress out of moving so our clients can relax and simply enjoy living in their new home.

For over 16 years, Home Sweet Home has assisted seniors, and their families, with the process of moving to a senior community, apartment, condo, or new house. Our experienced team carefully packs your belongings – right down to your toothbrush – and our movers load and transport them to your new home. By the end of the day, you are relaxing in your new home, and your toothbrush is by the sink!



Owner Kristen Lund and her crew not only pack, move and unpack all your belongings, but they also make sure your new home is safe from trip hazards, that lighting is adequate in each room and that your new space is organized to make daily living more carefree. “Our clients’ safety is our top priority. My team takes into account any challenges our clients have, like placing furniture for easy wheelchair access and setting up the kitchen and bathroom so everyday items are within reach,” Lund said. “We often work with the adult children of our clients, and I ask about any concerns they see happening with their parents so we can accommodate them.”

Many times, the toughest issue for our clients is leaving a home of 30, 40, or 50 years filled with memories – and belongings. Going through years of accumulation is challenging, especially for seniors. It can be physically demanding, but more so, it can be especially difficult to part with a lifetime of treasures. Lund and her team are experts at helping clients sort through it all prior to the move. “As soon as I begin working with a client, we sit down together with their new floor plan and talk through which pieces of furniture will fit into their new home. Then as we get closer to the move day, we help them sort through closets, kitchen drawers, basement storage, or wherever the need is, to help declutter and organize so everything will fit safely in the new space — and still feel like their home.


“I have found, over my 16 years in this business, that our service is important, not only to our clients but especially to their families. We’ve been told many times, how much relief we bring to the adult children, knowing that they don’t have to be the ones sorting through years of stuff,” Lund remarked, and added, “the adult kids know they probably won’t have the same success as a professional with experience in downsizing, especially when we’re talking about moving from a large 3- or 4-bedroom house into a much smaller senior community unit. Also, there’s the ‘parent-kid thing’ that can come into play.” Lund laughs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Home Sweet Home has been in even more demand. Until recently, senior communities haven’t allowed family members in, in order to keep everyone safe. In most cases, Lund and her crew were the only ones allowed to move, unpack and set up their home. “I can’t begin to tell you how many adult kids were concerned, knowing they couldn’t help their parents on move day. When they found out we would handle the entire process, their stress level went way down.”


Kristen Lund owner of Home Sweet Home brings valuable experience to Home Sweet Home clients in space, design, and organization. Kristen stresses to our clients that a successful move begins with knowing what to take, what to share with family members, and deciding what can be left behind. Kristen custom tailors the downsizing process to meet each individual’s needs. In addition, she helps her clients create a beautiful, functional, and unique living space that can be enjoyed at the end of the move day.





For more information on Home Sweet Home Senior Transitions, contact Kristen Lund at (636) 675-3667 or go to




If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
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Senior Safety: How Do You Choose a Medical Alarm for Your Senior?

Senior Safety: When you and your senior start looking at personal emergency response systems, you might feel overwhelmed by the choices. Addressing each of these categories can help quite a bit.


Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau MO: Senior Safety

Cellular Unit — NO Landline Required!


Look at Your Senior’s Immediate Needs

What does your senior need a personal emergency response system to do for her? She might need help avoiding a fall or she might feel more comfortable if she has a way to quickly and easily call for help. Some aging adults need medication monitoring or a daily check-in with someone who can offer reminders. Or do you need to make sure you can find her easily if she wanders off?


Consider Her Lifestyle, Too

Your senior’s lifestyle factors into all of this, too. Does your senior need to remember to put it on or is this a device that she can just wear all the time? In the latter case, she’ll want something that is waterproof. If she’s forgetful, a device with a long battery life might be a must. It might also be a good idea to find out if the alarm needs software updates or not.


Make Sure You Understand How it Functions

Personal Emergency Response System in Perryville MO: PERS and 911 Differences

Fall Detection Technology

You and you’re senior both need to understand how her PERS operates. Ideally, it should have very little setup involved. For example, being able to take it out of the package and turn it on would be optimal in terms of setting it up. Complicated menus and options are more difficult to keep up with on a regular basis. You want the learning curve to be low.


Ask about Ongoing Fees

Some PERS devices have ongoing fees, usually because of monitoring services, reminders, and the like. It’s important that you and your senior know what’s included and what isn’t from the outset. That enables you both to make the right decisions for senior safety and her needs.


Senior Safety: Make Sure it Works Where Your Senior Goes


If your elderly family member travels or is in a variety of different locations, it doesn’t hurt to make sure that her personal emergency response system will work everywhere that she goes, like the GPS unit pictured. 


The right PERS device can do amazing things for your elderly family member, from helping her to comply with her medication schedule to ensuring she feels safer when walking around her home.  It can also give you peace of mind as you realize senior safety is your top priority.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing Medical Alarms in Cape Girardeau MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
Call Us: 877.449.5566


Looking for a Great Gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day?

Are you a caregiver who is looking for “The Perfect Gift” for your aging mom and/or dad?  Are they independent, but you worry about their home safety?  Do you know that a medic alert system can bring you (and them) peace of mind?  

Around the Clock Medical Alarms is a nationwide provider of the Personal Emergency Response (PERS) device.  They are able to help you to help them to never be alone and to be able to get help any day, time, or reason — 24/7, 365, even if they cannot speak!  

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not have a contract and your loved one can use our service for as little or much as they need.  “None of us have a time ticker or a crystal ball to know how long we might need this kind of service,” states owner, Linda Bass.  “To ask a senior to commit to a long-term contractual obligation is just wrong on so many levels!”  

Following are some of the FAQ’s that we have encountered over the last 9 years in business:


How long do I have to sign up for?

There is NO long term commitment with our system. You’re only required to keep the system for 1 month. After that you can send it back any time for any reason and there is NO cancellation penalty.

Is there a Contract?

There are no long-term contracts. Your Around the Clock Medical Alarms service is able to be cancelled at any time. You will be asked to sign our monitoring agreement after ordering, but this agreement states that your service is simply on an month-to-month basis.

Will the monthly rate ever go up?

Absolutely NOT! With us, the price you pay when joining our service will be locked in. You could have it 20 years and it will never increase!

Which price plan is right for me?

Our most popular plan is Quarterly. However, we have the variety of plans to best meet your financial needs. It is recommended that you set up automatic payments on your account through credit card or bank automatic withdrawals.

Are there any funding sources available?

Yes, some long-term care policies can cover the cost of our service.  Additionally, the VA Aid and Attendance pension plan (for wartime veterans and/or their surviving spouse) can provide the service as well.  

Around the Clock Medical Alarms is honored to serve wartime veterans and/or their surviving spouses to stay safe in their homes by providing a PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) that can be paid for through the little-known VA Aid and Attendance Pension.  This system can provide an extension to home care, by bringing peace of mind that our aging heroes are never alone — and that they can get help any day, any time, any reason — even if they cannot speak!  

This Department of Veterans Affairs pension (VA Non-Service Connected Pension with Aid and Attendance Benefit) provides personal care services through home care to veterans and/or surviving spouses, so they can remain in their own home, which is where they want to be.  Subsequently, it can also be used to pay for a medic alert device, as well as assisted living, if, and/or when, they are no longer able to maintain their independence in their own homes.  

Is the button waterproof?

YES, the button is 100% waterproof. It can be worn in the shower or tub. This is very important because a majority of falls occur in the bathroom on wet, slippery surfaces.

What is the range/distance the button will work from the base unit?

Up to 600 feet away, that’s the length of 2 football fields. It’s designed for our clients who have VERY large backyards.

Does it automatically detect a fall?

Yes, there is a fall detection pendant available.  Please note:  ActivePERS technology does not detect falls with perfect accuracy or precision.  IF YOU NEED HELP, YOU MUST ALWAYS PUSH THE HELP BUTTON on your wearable device or base unit.

Is the equipment hard to install or set up?

No, it’s very easy. In fact, most of our clients do it themselves. It’s like plugging in an answering machine. It simply plugs into the phone jack in the wall and the power outlet. If you have any trouble at all, you’ll call our customer service number (which comes with the system) and we’ll walk you through it.

Can I take the system with me if I move, or go to my winter home (or any 2nd residence)?

YES, many of our clients move or have duel residences so it’s quite common. You just bring the system with you. When you get to the new residence, you’ll let us know the new address and phone number and we’ll get everything switched over immediately.

How will emergency personnel gain access to my home?

There are a few options to gain access to the home. 1st option is to hide a key outside the house. You will give us the location of the key to keep on file and our monitoring station would dispatch the location of the key to emergency personnel. 2nd option would be a lockbox, like the home realtors use. It hangs around the front door and secures a key inside of it protected by a 4 digit combination. We would keep that code on file and dispatch the code to emergency personnel as well. A 3rd option would be to give a key to a neighbor or someone close by who we could call in an emergency. A final option would be having the paramedics bypass the lock to gain access into your home.

Will the operator be able to hear me anywhere in my home?

The system is designed to cover a person’s voice throughout 2500-3000 square feet. It’s made to cover a large 2 story home with a basement. The speaker amplifies up to 20 times a normal speaker telephone.

What if I am outside, can the operator hear me there?

No, most likely not. But remember, if in any scenario the operator cannot hear you, they don’t take any chances. The care specialist will send the paramedics to your home and begin calling your emergency list of family and friends to let them know an emergency has taken place. If you would like a different protocol set, we can do that for you.

What kind of personal information do you keep on file?

You will fill out a form that comes with the system. We keep medications, medical history, doctor information, hospital preference, and additional information that might be good to know in an emergency.

Does your system work with VoIP or cable phones?

YES, our advanced system is actually the FIRST in the country to work with VoIP or cable phones. It’s actually one of the questions we ask while taking your order. We will program the system to work with VoIP or cable phone before we send it out to you.

Do I have to have a “land line” phone for the service?

No, not at all. The cellular unit has all the features of the advanced unit, without requiring a “land line.” It does, however, require reliable cell phone signal.

What about protection away from my home?

A Mobile GPS unit is available. This device is designed for individuals who are always “on the go!”

How are services cancelled?

After the first month, you are free to cancel services at any time! The equipment must be returned to Around the Clock Medical Alarms to formally close out your account. If you need to cancel, please give us a call so that we can give you complete instructions on returning our equipment.

Additional questions?  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, so that we might be able to answer those as well.  If you are looking for a great gift idea, or find that this system can be a solution to your problems of helping your aging grandparents, parents, neighbors, or others to maintain their safety and independence, we would be honored to protect them with an Around the Clock Medical Alarms system!

If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing a Medical Alarms in St. Louis, MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
Call Us: 877.449.5566

Senior Care Spotlight: Reverse Mortgage

The Federal Savings Bank is a veteran-owned bank specializing in home lending.

The Bank is certified to lend in all fifty states. My current position as a Senior Vice President of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage division brings together my interest in volunteer work with non-profit organizations such as The Kaufman Fund (a veteran-centric charity that among other activities raises money for other veteran charities) and Aging Ahead (which funds Meals on Wheels and 20 senior centers around the St. Louis area).

The reason I enjoy marketing Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (Reverse Mortgages) is my understanding that we are faced with a dilemma with our senior population today. Everything costs more than was expected, people are living longer than expected, employer-funded pensions are no longer available to the majority and few have fully funded 401ks or 403bs. In this environment, where homes are one of the largest assets for a large percentage of our population, why wouldn’t the equity one has in their home be considered in a holistic approach to financial planning?


When I meet with a financial advisor, I ask them if they had a client that invested in a 401k for thirty years, wouldn’t they recommend the client use these dollars for retirement? I then explain that I work with people that have invested in many cases for thirty years or more, that just do not realize they were investing but thought that they were paying off a mortgage.


The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage product allows the homeowner access to tax-free equity in their home without giving up ownership of their home.
The product allows the homeowner to decide each month whether to make mortgage payments, partial mortgage payments, or no mortgage payments at all. In addition to providing the most flexible payment approach to home equity loans available, it is also a fully insured loan that protects the heirs from losing money on the inherited home when the parent is no longer living in the home. The equity can be accessed as a lump sum, a tenured amount for life or a specific time period, a line of credit, or any combination of these methods.


The product has changed a great deal in the approximately thirty years since it was created. It is administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). One of the more recent modifications made to the program can be most useful to those looking to right-size their home.

  In years past when a homeowner with a three-story house decided that they no longer liked going up and down the stairs, they would sell their home and create a liquid pool of money to purchase a home more fitting to their needs (a villa, a ranch home, etc.). They found that they had two choices, either use the majority of their pool of money to purchase the new home outright or make a down payment and then have a mortgage payment.

Any rational financial advisor would not recommend that their senior client “bury” their liquid capital in their new home and few people age 62 or older want to have a mortgage payment.

 In answer to this, HUD modified the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage product so that it could be utilized to purchase the right-sized home without using the majority of the client’s liquid capital and not necessitating a monthly mortgage payment. The client brings their portion of the purchase price (based upon the age of the younger buyer) to Closing and the lender provides the rest. The new homeowner is in the position of not using the majority of their liquid capital and not having a mandatory monthly mortgage payment.

Guest article contributed by: Dennis Cooper, HECM Senior Vice President

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Company News :Family Caregiver

Being A Family Caregiver

Are you the family caregiver?

Do you know that it is the toughest job you’ll ever love?

Do you know that family caregiving has replaced child care as the number one reason that people miss work?  If you are like many of us, you are sandwiched in between taking care of your children and your elder loved ones. 

The following quick tips can help to make the job a little easier!  

10 tips to help you to maintain your own sanity and health to continue to provide the care necessary to your aging, or ill, loved ones:

1. You are NOT ALONE!  Seek support from other caregivers or support groups if you need help.  Use the resources you have available — they’re out there!

2. Take care of your own health!  This will enable you to be strong enough to take care of others.  You cannot be effective in caring for others, if you’re not at 100%.

3. Accept offers of help!  You can suggest specific things that people can do to help you.  Your friends, family, and neighbors can help to “lighten the load” by sharing the responsibilities of caregiving.

4. Communicate effectively with doctors, nurses, or other health care providers  — yours and theirs!  The medical community cannot help, if they do not know what assistance you need.  Be clear and conscience about the things that are going on for you and the ones for whom you provide caregiving.

5. Take frequent respite breaks! Caregiving is hard work.  You deserve breaks. Remember that you cannot function at your best if you do not get rest!

6. Watch for signs of depression!  Caregiving can take a toll on your mental state.  Do not delay seeking professional help if/when you need it.  

7. Take advantage of technologies that can help you to care for your loved one. There are numerous tools available that can make both of your lives easier.  (One example is a medical alert system that will allow your loved one to never be alone, as well as bring you peace of mind knowing that they are able to get help any time, simply by pushing a button.)

8. Organize medical information.  It should be up to date and easy to find.  As a caregiver, you’re the advocate for your loved one and should have information readily available for emergent situations.

9. Get legal documents in order.  Seek legal counsel to get all the necessary paperwork ready in advance.  Do not wait for a crisis situation to occur and realize that you do not have the appropriate documentation.

10. Give yourself credit!  Do the best you can.  Caregiving is one of the toughest jobs there is….


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