Medication Dispenser

Medication Dispenser: Four Reasons Your Senior Can Benefit from a Medication Dispenser

As a family caregiver, there’s a lot that you worry about for your senior.

One of the biggest concerns might be whether she’s taking her medications when she should, or at all. Some seniors become defensive when talking about their medications, especially if they’ve had issues before with taking them correctly. A medication dispenser can solve a great many of those concerns for both of you.


They’re an Inexpensive Solution to Help Your Senior Take Her Medication

Medication dispensers offer an inexpensive solution compared to other possible answers to managing medications on a regular basis. Your aging family member needs a dispenser for her medications if she’s having a difficult time remembering to take them or if she takes a great many medications. The dispenser can help her to only have to deal with one container at a time instead of multiple bottles.

The Right Medication Dispenser Is Easy to Use

The medication dispenser that’s right for your elderly family member is one that is easy for her to use, even when she’s not feeling well. Programmable dispensers can take a lot of guesswork out of taking her medication for your senior. They’re even easier for your elderly family member if you take overfilling her dispenser for her on a regular basis.

Medication Dispensers Help Your Senior to Be Independent

It’s difficult for many seniors to cope with the loss of independence that they can sometimes feel is a part of accepting help. A medication dispenser is a tool that your elderly family member doesn’t have to ask for help. Like any other assistive device, she can simply use it as she needs to.

They’re a Way for You to Care for Your Senior Even When You Can’t Be There

Using medication dispensers is a way for you to be able to care for your senior even when you’re not able to be there. Fancier versions that offer reminder services are still easy to use, but they offer an additional level of reassurance that your senior is taking her medications properly. If you receive an alert that your elderly family member’s medication hasn’t been taken, that’s an opportunity for you to reach out and to make sure that all is well.

Talk to your senior about whether a medication dispenser could be helpful for her. It might even be something that she’s willing to test out on a trial run.


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Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Stress

Stress: Four Big Ways for Your Senior to Reduce Her Stress

Stress is a major hazard for your elderly family member because it can lead to bigger health issues.

Stress can also cause your senior to make less healthy choices for herself. Reducing stress is something that you and your elderly family member can tackle together, but she needs to be willing to share with you what’s causing her the biggest issues. Some of these answers might be helpful for your conversation.


Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Stress

Medical Alarms in St. Louis MO: Stress



Reach out to Find Solutions for Big Stressors

The typical stressors of life, like a demanding career, may not be a concern for your senior anymore, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t experience stress. She may be worried about her health, about the people that she loves, and about how she’s going to meet her own goals like aging in place. Encourage her to talk to you about what she finds stressful and how you can help her.


Find Ways to Add More Fun to Every Day

Life doesn’t have to be staid and gloomy. Especially for your elderly family member, it’s important that there’s some fun in every aspect of her day. This might be a new idea for your senior to embrace, but it’s also an easy concept to put into practice. Try small things at first and add more every day.


Try a Variety of Relaxation Techniques

There are a lot of different options available when it comes to relaxation techniques. Your senior might find that meditation works well for her or she might enjoy deep breathing more. Some people enjoy yoga, while others prefer walking meditations. The key is just for your elderly family member to find something that works well for her and that she enjoys. That means she’ll stick with it.


Stress: Consider Assistive Tools Like Medical Alarms

When your senior is stressed because of her health, that might cause her to avoid doing things that she loves to do. That robs her in a variety of different ways. Assistive devices like medical alarms offer her a chance to feel safer knowing that if something does happen, she can call for help right away. That alone can greatly reduce her stress.

Getting to the root of your senior’s stress as quickly as possible can help you to suggest different options for her that might be helpful. Working together with her medical team, you can likely find a combination of answers that meet her needs.


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Five Tips for Getting a Handle on Your Senior’s Medications

Medications are a complicated situation for most older adults.

If your senior is taking more than a few medications, it’s difficult to keep up with all of the different side effects and possible contraindications. Add in over-the-counter medications and things get more complicated very quickly. Medicine management now becomes an important option for your senior.

Medication dispenser in Perryville MO: Pill Dispenser

Medication dispenser in Perryville MO: Pill Dispenser


Learn as Much as You Can about Your Senior’s Medications

When your senior was younger, she might have felt as if just having a prescription from her doctor was all she needed to know about the medication. But it’s vital for you both to understand as much as you can about the prescriptions her doctor recommends. Side effects, contraindications, and possible interactions all matter a lot.


Stick to One Pharmacy, if Possible

By filling all of your senior’s medications at one pharmacy, her pharmacist is going to have a better overview of everything she’s taking. Your senior’s pharmacist can be on the lookout for potential interactions and other issues. Often your senior’s pharmacist can warn you about things her doctor even forgot to mention regarding medications.


Be on the Lookout for Side Effects

As your elderly family member starts taking a new medication, be sure to stay on the lookout for side effects. Side effects can be subtle or they can be pretty intense. If you notice anything unusual, make sure to take notes about what you’re seeing and how it’s affecting your senior. Anything that seems severe probably is. Contact your elderly family member’s doctor right away.


Consider a Medication Dispenser

Medications dispensers can be a fantastic solution. When you load up a programmable medication dispenser, your senior has multiple days’ worth of medication doses ready for her, depending on the dispenser’s capacity. Medicine management is an important part of your senior’s daily life. Most come with a reminder function and if you want or need a medication dispenser with monitoring, that can be a good idea, too.


Schedule Regular Medication Management Reviews with Your Senior’s Doctor

It’s absolutely imperative to periodically review your senior’s medications with her doctor. This allows you all to refresh yourselves about what she’s taking and why. If dosages need to be adjusted or if the medication is no longer doing what it is supposed to do, then it’s time for a change.

By being as knowledgeable as possible about your senior’s medications, you’re there for her when she needs you the most. Preparation through medicine management helps you and your elderly family member to make the best decisions you can about her medications.


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