Medical Alarms in South County MO: Becoming More Active

Four Tips for Becoming More Active as an Older Adult

Increasing your physical activity level as an aging adult is a great idea. You do want to make sure you do so safely, though.


Medical Alarms in South County MO: Becoming More Active

Medical Alarms in South County MO: Becoming More Active


Set Some Goals Before You Even Get Moving

Goals are always important no matter what you’re facing. The key with exercise goals is that you want them to be attainable, but not too easy. Exercise is going to be a challenge and you want it to be a challenge that you can get close to meeting. When you’re first starting out, your goals are going to be small and might even feel silly. But they’re important and they can keep you motivated.


Start Slowly and Acclimate Yourself

You never want to start out a new exercise program by pushing yourself too hard or trying to go too fast. Again, you’re trying to meet small goals, not run a marathon on your first day out. If you have to, make sure that you’re doing only enough to raise your heart rate slightly. You can always increase your activity level or add more time to your workout. Pushing yourself too hard can cause injury or even a trip to your doctor.


Look for Group Activities if That’s Your Thing

There are plenty of group sports and exercise opportunities for seniors. You can usually find these at local senior centers, but they may be available at other places, too, like your local gym. If you’re someone who finds it motivating to work out with other people, this is a great idea. This can also be helpful if you want to be a little more social.


Consider Using a Medical Alert Device

Something you might want to include as part of your workout gear might be a medical alert device. These devices have come a long way since they first started out. They can put you in contact immediately with someone who can route emergency medical assistance to you if you push a button. Some even include fall detection that can sound an alarm at the call center and cause an operator to reach out to you to make sure you’re okay. This can be crucial if you do ever push that workout farther.

Always talk to your doctor about what level of activity is safest for you. You never want to overdo it or undo any progress you’ve made with existing health issues. Your doctor can help you to know what your limitations are so you can honor them.


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Personal emergency response system in South County MO: Senior Falls

Why Do Seniors Fall?

A person who falls once is twice as likely to fall again. That’s definitely something that you want to avoid as you grow older, but what are the most common fall risks?


General Decline in Overall Fitness

A great many aging adults find themselves more sedentary than they used to be and that has a dramatic effect on muscles, flexibility, and balance. Becoming more active can help with this, but that comes with a certain amount of risk if you’ve already lost some fitness. Talk to your doctor about the best way to regain some of your overall physical fitness safely.

Illness or Injury

Illnesses or injury, especially surgeries, can cause serious problems in regard to fall risk. You may find yourself unable to move in the ways that you need to in order to be mobile safely and that’s a big problem. Depending on the type of surgery, you may also be using assistive devices you’re not as familiar with and that can be tricky.

Medication Side Effects

All medications have side effects, even ones you’ve taken for a while. In the past, those side effects might not have seemed like they were that big a deal, but as you add more medications or as your body chemistry changes, that can change very quickly. Dizziness, drowsiness, and more complicated side effects like lowered blood pressure can all have a huge effect on your ability to avoid a fall.

Trouble Seeing Obstacles

You can’t avoid what you can’t see and that’s why it’s important to get your vision checked regularly. Your eye doctor can help to determine if your vision is changing to the extent that you should be taking more steps toward protecting yourself as you move through the world. It might be important to increase lighting in your home, for example, if you are experiencing low vision.

Hazards in the Environment

The environment you spend the majority of your time in can also be a risk factor. If you’ve got a lot of clutter or there are loose rugs in your home, that can very quickly turn into a hazard. It’s a good idea to periodically do safety sweeps of your home to determine if there’s anything that poses a new or especially dangerous fall risk.

Having a medical alarm with fall detection can be a huge help if you or someone you love experiences one or more of these risk factors. The fall detection device works automatically to not only detect a possible fall but to put in motion the steps that get help on the way as quickly as possible.


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