medical alert in Jackson MO: Medical Alert Better than Alexa

Five Reasons a Medical Alert Is Better than Alexa

It’s so easy to ask Alexa or Siri a variety of questions, but should these Internet-connected personal assistants be your go-to when you need medical help? A medical alert is a much better idea.

A Medical Alert System Is Easy to Use

Medical alert systems typically are incredibly easy to use. They’ve got one button and are usually worn around the neck or wrist. Medical alerts are comfortable and easy to forget about until you need to use the service. When they’re not needed, medical alerts are really unobtrusive.


You Don’t Need Technical Skills

It’s frustrating when something that’s supposed to be helpful is difficult to use or requires skills you just don’t have. That’s thankfully not the case with medical alerts. They’re not only easy to use, but you don’t have to have any special technical skills to operate them.


Medical Alerts Are Waterproof and Have GPS

Something else that makes these devices a must-have solution is that they’re typically waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if you get caught in the rain or if you’re washing your hands and get your medical alert wet. That means you can also wear it in the shower, which can help you to feel safer. The fact that medical alert devices use GPS also means that they work everywhere and you’ll have help if you need it.


Medical Alert Systems Have Automatic Fall Detection

The more advanced medical alert systems have another feature you need: fall detection. This means that if you fall, the device automatically detects that the fall occurred and gets help for you right away. This feature is crucial because falls can result in long-term health issues. Many of those issues can be reduced if you have help right away.


You Can Set up a Personalized Plan for Emergencies

Something else that can do a lot to ease your concerns is that you can work with your medical alert provider to personalize a plan for emergency scenarios. You’ll have a chance to select who needs to be alerted if you have a medical emergency and you can update your contact list any time you need to. Having a plan that’s catered to your needs is a huge relief.

An Artificial Intelligence device that is voice-activated will not respond IF you CANNOT SPEAK!  A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) can get help EVEN if voice communication can not be established.  In the event of a heart attack, stroke, or seizure, a person may not be able to speak, but they can push a button! 

Internet-connected assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home might be an excellent tool in addition to a medical alert system. But if what you’re looking for is help that you can rely on fast in an emergency, you want the heart of your plan to involve something as dependable as a medical alert.  

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Why Should Your Senior Consider a Medication Dispenser?

One of the assistive devices that your senior might want to consider using is a medication dispenser. These devices are deceptively simple, but they can offer many benefits that improve your senior’s quality of life and help you to have peace of mind as her caregiver.


medication dispenser in Jackson MO: Pill Dispenser

medication dispenser in Jackson MO: Pill Dispenser

A Medication Dispenser Removes a Lot of Guesswork

When your elderly family member has and uses a medication dispenser, that eliminates a lot of questions. You may wonder if she’s taken her medication, for example. The dispenser helps you to see that right away. She may wonder what she needs to take and when during the day she needs to take it. Reminders, alarms, and empty segments afterward help her to keep up with what she’s taken already and what she still needs to take. This is vitally important as medications are taken as prescribed and are not “doubled up” when they feel that they forgot a dose.  Some medications can be deadly if they are taken improperly and can cause an accidental overdose.  Your life could depend upon this simple device!

Dispensers Offer a Way to Maintain Independence

This tool gives your senior a way to maintain her independence. Even if she needs help filling it up, she’s able to use it throughout the week to take her medications on the right schedule. That can be incredibly empowering for her, while also ensuring that she’s complying with her medication schedule. The dispenser is able to assist with the regimen and provide the assurance that she will not end up in the hospital if she doesn’t take the medications as prescribed.

They Offer Some Safety Features

Medication dispensers keep your senior’s medications safe for her until it’s time to take them. She doesn’t have to worry about bottles that are difficult to open or counting out her medications incorrectly. Additionally, they help to reduce the possibility of dropping meds on the floor while retrieving from a pill bottle.  The right medication is ready for her at the right time and all she needs to do is take them. Also, with the worries about whether or not your elderly family member has taken her medications out of the way, accidental overdose is far less likely.

They’re Easy to Use

Medication dispensers are easy for you or for home care providers to fill and to program, but they’re just as easy for your elderly family member to operate, too. Programmable reminders mean that your aging family member doesn’t have to worry about ever missing a dose. And if she prefers, she can have someone contact her if she hasn’t taken her medication by a certain time of day. That’s an easy way to stay on schedule, no matter what else is going on.
Having the right tools for her needs can make lots of small, ordinary tasks much easier for your aging family member. Medication dispensers can offer her a way to solve issues that neither of you might have realized were a problem.

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