What Types of Communication Tools Might Be Helpful for Your Senior?

You might have worried more than once about whether your elderly family member is able to get help when she needs it most. Some of the communication tools that she needs to make that easier are more accessible than you might have thought.

A Cordless Landline Speakerphone

If your elderly family member still does have a landline, it’s a good idea to get sort of specific with it. Having a cordless phone means that she’s able to take it with her from room to room. Having a speakerphone built into the handset means that the portable phone is also one that she can put down if she has to use her hands and still talk.

A Cell Phone That’s Easy to Use

Since landlines are less and less common, it may be more important than ever that your senior has a cell phone that is easy to use, and that has a variety of features. That might mean a smartphone, even if your elderly family member is convinced that she doesn’t need more than a plain old flip phone. The advantage of smartphones is that they have a wide range of voice-activated assistance built right in. This can be far more helpful to your senior than she might realize.

Walkie Talkies, Bells, or Other Attention-getting Tools

Communicating inside the house can sometimes be difficult, especially if your elderly family member has a difficult time getting your attention when she needs you. There are a lot of simple tools you might consider using that help you to be aware of what she needs no matter where you are in the house. Full-house intercoms may not be all the rage anymore, but a short-range walkie talkie system might be helpful. If you’re looking for a low-tech solution, a bell can work just fine, too.

A Medical Alarm

Personal medical alarms are incredibly helpful for older adults. These devices are wearable, which makes them ideal in terms of portability. They typically have long battery life and enable your senior to communicate quickly with a dispatcher who can send medical and other types of help very quickly. Some may even have fall detection capabilities, making them even more beneficial.

Having the right communication tools is crucial for your senior and for you. When you know that she’s able to get what she needs as soon as she needs it, you can rest easier whether you’re there with her or not.

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