Time to Clean the Clutter!

It’s that time of year where many of us start thinking about end of winter “Spring Cleaning!”  

Purging our homes of things that are no longer used, needed, or wanted, will make us feel less overwhelmed. Not only will it help to organize our lives, but it can also be an opportunity to help others. Additionally, if we reduce the clutter in our homes, we can reduce the risk of falls. This is an important fact to remember for those seniors, typically living alone, who are already at risk of falling.

If there are things that you are removing from your household, think about donating it to a charity that will help those in need. Never think that what you have to offer is insignificant. There will always be someone out there that needs what you have to give.

Today, we took a car load of “stuff” to the Safe House for Women Thrift Store. They are an awesome charitable group that helps our community. They have this “wish list” of items they need — give if you can….

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Medical Alarms in Ladue MO: Fall Detection Devices

Why Should Your Senior Consider Medical Alarms?

For some aging adults, hearing that a family member wants them to wear a medical alarm can feel like an insult. But the reality is that medical alarms can be incredibly helpful for your senior’s overall wellbeing. Talking to her about some of these details can help you to convince her that giving a medical alarm a try is a good plan.


Medical Alarms in Jackson MO: Medical Alarms

Medical Alarms in Jackson MO: Medical Alarms

Retaining the Ability to Age in Place

Aging in place is one of the most common goals shared by seniors everywhere. Maintaining independence and being able to continue to live on her own terms might be a non-negotiable requirement for your senior. Having medical alarms available to her means that she can stick with her intentions, but she can do so safely. That’s the most vital part of any plan.


Giving Family Members Peace of Mind

It’s nerve-wracking to worry about whether your senior is alright or if she needs help. This concern is even greater if you don’t live near your elderly family member and you’re not able to spend as much time with her in person as you’d like. Knowing that she has a medical alarm gives you the peace of mind that she has a way to access help quickly if she has an emergency.


Avoiding Falls and Potential Injury

If your senior’s medical alarm also has automatic fall detection, it makes sense that she gets help almost immediately if she should fall. But her medical alarm could help her to avoid a fall, too. Knowing that she has access to help at the push of a button could keep your senior from trying to stand and make it to the phone. That could be a life-saving decision for her and it’s right there at the push of a button.


Making Sure Help Is Available Right Away

Cell phones are a huge help in terms of personal safety, but they do still require your senior to do something. With a medical alarm, all she needs to do is push the button and help will come to her. Because the medical alarm connects with a dispatcher who has access to your senior’s information immediately, if she can’t talk or explain what’s happening, she can still get help to her location right away.

Some of this information may help your senior to become a little more enthusiastic about having a medical alarm. Ask her to give one a try so you can see how it works for her.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering choosing a Medical Alarms in Jackson MO, please contact the friendly staff at Around The Clock Medical Alarms.
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medical alert in Jackson MO: Medical Alert Better than Alexa

Five Reasons a Medical Alert Is Better than Alexa

It’s so easy to ask Alexa or Siri a variety of questions, but should these Internet-connected personal assistants be your go-to when you need medical help? A medical alert is a much better idea.

A Medical Alert System Is Easy to Use

Medical alert systems typically are incredibly easy to use. They’ve got one button and are usually worn around the neck or wrist. Medical alerts are comfortable and easy to forget about until you need to use the service. When they’re not needed, medical alerts are really unobtrusive.


You Don’t Need Technical Skills

It’s frustrating when something that’s supposed to be helpful is difficult to use or requires skills you just don’t have. That’s thankfully not the case with medical alerts. They’re not only easy to use, but you don’t have to have any special technical skills to operate them.


Medical Alerts Are Waterproof and Have GPS

Something else that makes these devices a must-have solution is that they’re typically waterproof, so you don’t have to worry if you get caught in the rain or if you’re washing your hands and get your medical alert wet. That means you can also wear it in the shower, which can help you to feel safer. The fact that medical alert devices use GPS also means that they work everywhere and you’ll have help if you need it.


Medical Alert Systems Have Automatic Fall Detection

The more advanced medical alert systems have another feature you need: fall detection. This means that if you fall, the device automatically detects that the fall occurred and gets help for you right away. This feature is crucial because falls can result in long-term health issues. Many of those issues can be reduced if you have help right away.


You Can Set up a Personalized Plan for Emergencies

Something else that can do a lot to ease your concerns is that you can work with your medical alert provider to personalize a plan for emergency scenarios. You’ll have a chance to select who needs to be alerted if you have a medical emergency and you can update your contact list any time you need to. Having a plan that’s catered to your needs is a huge relief.

An Artificial Intelligence device that is voice-activated will not respond IF you CANNOT SPEAK!  A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) can get help EVEN if voice communication can not be established.  In the event of a heart attack, stroke, or seizure, a person may not be able to speak, but they can push a button! 

Internet-connected assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home might be an excellent tool in addition to a medical alert system. But if what you’re looking for is help that you can rely on fast in an emergency, you want the heart of your plan to involve something as dependable as a medical alert.  

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