4 Tips for Helping a Loved One Manage Medications

As a person grows older, their medical needs often become more complex. Advanced planning is key in this case, which is why many older people opt for life alert systems. The same planning should be applied to a loved one’s medication regimen, with which you can provide a great deal of assistance. 

How Can I Help a Loved One With Medication Management?

1. Link Medication to a Daily Activity

It’s often easier to remember taking medication when it’s linked to an activity. For instance, encourage your loved one to take his or her pill during breakfast. You can also associate it with a nightly grooming ritual. 

2. Be Aware of Drug or Food Interactions

Some medications can cause problems when taken together. Certain foods can also be a concern, and your family member’s doctor should provide this information when prescribing medication. Make sure you’re also privy to this information so you can monitor for any potential interaction. 

3. Use a Pill Organizer

life alert systemPills can be sorted into days to help your relative remember which pills should be taken on which days. This also helps in the event of a missed dose. Instead of wondering whether a pill was taken or not, you’ll be able to notice that a dose was missed right away. 

4. Keep Side Effects In Mind

All medications can cause side effects, so it’s essential that you and your relative are aware of potential concerns. Remember, some side effects can be severe or even life-threatening. If you’re concerned, have your loved one sign up for a life alert system in case a serious medical issue occurs while you’re away.

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