Do’s & Don’ts of Caring for an Aging Loved One

Caring for an aging loved one may sometimes seem overwhelming, both emotionally and physically. Keeping an aging relative safe and healthy is a tremendous responsibility. Luckily, solutions are available to make your job as caregiver easier. From investing in a medical alarm to practicing active listening, the following tips should help you become more proficient at providing care. 


Create a routine. 

To avoid feeling overwhelmed or frantic, have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish each day. Feelings of unease may arise due to a lack of structure. Come up with a flexible schedule for how you want to approach each day. Flexible scheduling will not only make your senior feel more secure about expectations but also give you options.

Invest in a medical alarm.

medical alarmIf you worry about leaving your loved one alone, invest in a medical alarm. As a caregiver, knowing that your charge will have around-the-clock access to care will help you avoid burnout and resentment. 


Forget to listen to their needs.

Feeling a sense of autonomy in their day-to-day life is important to seniors, even if they rely on you heavily. Try not to ignore their concerns, requests, and questions. Instead, engage in active listening when they express themselves. Let them know they’ve been heard, and try to incorporate their requests into your routine so they feel involved. 

Be afraid to ask for help.

One person can do only so much. Sometimes, you’re going to need assistance. Caregivers need care, too. Ask for help when you need it. Try to lessen your load whenever possible by hiring a service to clean the house, for example, or having a brother or sister shop and prepare meals. 

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